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Nightmare On Dream Concert

Pardon the title…I’m too excited waiting for Nightmare on Elm Street to come to our cinemas 😀 BUT anyways…as you may or not have anticipated there was some drama that cropped up during the Dream Concert.

During 2PM’s performance apparently quite a lot of fans (?), presumably ex-7PM members, plus fans of other groups joined in chanting Jaebum’s name from the start to the end – and especially during 2PM’s Don’t Stop Can’t Stop perf (which I told you was gonna open a can of rabid anti-fan worms). According to sookyeong who quoted Newsen, 2PM seemed flustered during their performance, at this, while other fans argue that the fans chanting were too far away from the stage for them to have heard it.

Reading fan comments were a lot more exciting though – some say it’s pay back for what certain things that 6PM fans have done against fans of other clubs…wah reading fan comments is like…makes Kpop kinda like a mafia territory fight or something. The saying should really go ‘hell hath no fury like a fan scorned…coz fangirls/boys gonna smack a bish’.


other red carpet pics:

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Congrats! 2AM Wins First No.1 On Inkigayo

WOOTS! 2AM FIGHTING!!! 😀 Well-deserved win 🙂

bingeul bingeul bingeul bingeul~~! Catchayyyye~hehe

oohhh~dramatic intro. love the violin. pretty stage 😀

The One Man! I miss XMan…

fast becoming a fav of mine this song:)

credit: bwmow4@YT



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Music Core 02062010

yay they sang Star Star Star. Faved! 😀

i find this song rather pleasant hehe 🙂

im confused by this song cz it’s rather far from what i’ve come to associate kpop with…still it’s fresh though plagued with those persistent kpop controversies…

credit: monmonsnowhd@YT


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Music Bank 02502010

Loveeee this 2AM song 🙂

i don’t usually associate kpop with bands like this but dude’s got good vocals 😀

nice song..but when the dude was saying ‘come back to me..’ he looked so scary and pissed off. isn’t it rather ironic that rappers are kinda the cooler people but it’s them who should chill..? hehe just a thought 🙂

credit: momonsnowHD@YT


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Very Merry Music Bank

ooohhh dark 2pm xmas perf! i so likeee 😀 tho keeping in mind that they’re performing/working on a holiday, my heart really goes out to them. hope they’re still really happy to do this 😀

omg is this a merry xmas for taec fans or pure torture?

credit: bwmow4@YT

with a few absentees but at least suju stills gets to spend the holidays with fans, tho i do feel the pain of confusion what with the other lawsuit not even half over. like we try to do – always keep the faith elfs! 😀 becoz violence is not supposed to be an option

credit: nartmal@YT

nice~~ but woulda liked to have seen them freestyle battle. now THAT woulda been a party 🙂

credit: jungyuri1@YT

yay merry xmas to our readers who still come visit us despite our ups and downs in updating hehe. saranghae 😀


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2PM Dream Concert Fancams

isn’t it sad. very sad that we have only fancam access to these perfs when we couldve watched HD. gee i wonder whose fault it is.

credit: denainxdenain@YT

credit: ying5387isme@YT

meanwhile…as support for 2PM ironiclly weakens, there are others trying to emulate them

credit: bacongau333@YT

i may be biased but there is no way they are up to par with 2pm.

credit: shuiful@YT

now this one was just done in bad taste.with 2PM still in the middle of this boycott nonsense, this “parody” (also known as trying-to-emulate-2pm-but-failed-so decided -to-relabel-this-as-a-parody) was just unnecessary, no offense to SHU-I themselves, nor their music  coz I haven’t heard it anyway. The timing for this was just way off.

credit: afsctv2@YT

although i think if it was done in support of 2PM, there is nothing wrong with that.

dangggg. 2PM with or without Jaebom needs support. not a boycott. Hottests need to ask themselves again who they are without 2PM. Coz at this rate with the influx of new boybands this month, 2PM may seriously be disadvantaged.

and i was so looking forward for their october comeback. sheesh.


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Spend the Summer With Your KPop Idols

(T_T) I think it’s open only to Koreans..unless you wanna fly there and buy Chilsung Drinks until the 26th July or something hehe~ 


Now you have the chance to travel with your favorite singers this summer. MTV in collaboration with Lotte’s Chilsung Drink brings you the “Shake Shake Boom Boom” event. “Shake Shake Boom Boom” is a a Chilsung jelly soda which is a new product of Lotte. The name came up from the phrase “I like it, shake it, boom boom!”

This event will be until July 26 where those who purchase the drink can log in to MTV’s homepage (www.mtv.co.kr) and input the numbers found on the back of the soda can, after which they will immediately know if they had won a prize.

20 1st prize winners will be given the chance to go to Malaysia for a 5 days, 3 nights summer trip. The star who will accompany the winners will be decided through a poll also found in MTV’s homepage – “The star I want to spend my summer vacation with”, which has 11 choices – 2AM, 2PM, AJ, F.T. Island, SS501, KARA, Girls Generation, Shinee, Epik High, After School and Chung Lim.

source:IS plus
thanks to anne@KARAholic
translated by coffeebeanie@KARAholic 

Shared by: twistedstars + fanaholic@wordpress


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