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DBSK ANation TohoMobile + Magazine Pics

Jumping from 2PM withdrawal symptoms to DBSK withdrawal symptoms. Deprivation is torture. Some pictures to keep you sane 😀

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AVEX President’s Blog Update

a-nation Kumamoto

Today, the summer did START.

In the middle of trouble happened to recording agency

You must be worried a lot

In this entry, I shall do my apologize

I’d like to give more information regarding the case for you

However, for now I haven’t known the exact details of the case

Therefore I couldn’t afford you anymore information

Every year, we’re traveling to many different cities for a-nation

I always feel different exaltation feeling depending on the location
The selfishness to being joyful all by myself

Next arena is Ehime.

The place where we had such fond memory from last year

Everyone’s getting hype and defeated the hot weather. I’m looking forward to that.

source: Max Matsuura Blog
credit: dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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090801 Tohoshinki Tohomobile- A-Nation 2009 Part 2

Today’s pics, they look happy~

Everyone in Kumamoto has been so excited ♪

source: tohomobile
credit: xiahyu-ri
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + fanaholic

source: tohomobile
credit: shooku+junkichi
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress
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090801 Tohoshinki Tohomobile- A-Nation 2009 Part 1

Must be in front of the boys’ tent :D


Finally a-nation at Kumamoto Agricultural Park START ♪
This is the outdoor stall of Channel A!
The shaved ice cream members produced, ‘Love in the ice’, Please Try it!

source: tohomobile
credit: xiahyu-ri
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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THSK A-Nation Comment


All: Hello, we’re Tohoshinki.

JJ: We will also be participating in a-nation this year!!

YC: This year will be our fifth time!

JJ: Well…the thing that i’m most looking forward to..is because it’s an outdoor event. Even though it’s an outdoor event, we wont lose out to the weather… the heat and the audience’s passion, it gets us pumped up!

YH: One more thing, the yatai too! (food stalls)

JS: Yes, behind the stage. We’re looking forward to it too.

JJ: There are also food stalls for the audience.

JJ: Also, collaborations between artistes!

YC: Will we have it (collaborations)? We’re still not sure.

JJ: Didn’t we do it last year? Together with TRF, that was really exciting. And also, on 1st July, our 28th single was released!

JJ: The title is..

CM: Stand By U! It’s a painful, heartbreaking love song, so please check it out!

YH: Also, we’ll be singing it at a-nation!

JS: Yes, so please look forward to it!

Vid credits:minshim1@YT
Translations: Hajargiler @ DBSKnights
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090716 THSK Channel A SP Next Week Preview

notes from farahmicky8: “this show will be aired next week on 23rd July” & “its about their upcoming a-nation”

credits: farahmicky8@yt


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