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2PM’s Without U MV Full

credit: 2PM @YT

hmmmmm~~ took me a few listens to kinda get into the song.it’s the thump thump techno beat that makes it rather addictive (according to my french teacher it’s coz it sounds like a mother’s heartbeat so it’s naturally addictive)…

to me there were highs and lows to the song and a little something missing. though I must say it was refreshing to have nickhun rap and then i thought wooyoung really picked up the song during his turn…though i wish they would make taecyeon growl less coz i dunno, it’s getting rather corny in a gimmicky way instead of the supposed man-beast appeal.

and i wonder if jyp wrote the lyrics coz if he did…it feels like he’s really parading a big ego saying that (instead of the guys) he is going to be okay or his ‘creation’ is going to rise despite the chaos (that the fan’s created), to which i would roll my eyes coz a man his age should have much else to write about…? haha whatever i guess you never know with these scandals.

pardon my long ramble, i’m a soci major with exams around the corner, i tend to over-read 😀 teehee…

hope you guys have a better experience of the song though 🙂


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2PM’s Comeback Single Teaser – Without U

credit: jikakalau@YT

love the piano but knowing jyp…their teasers are always…well, a tease. As in, although it sounds slownow the single is probably going to be really upbeat and danc-y..coz well they ARE a dance group i guys..heheh.

it would seem that i’m among the few that i know optimistic about 2PM moving on and JaeChunSu moving on. Is it really so bad that they’re moving on? Sure it won’t be the same, but as they say ‘the show must go on’. Something is better than nothing…?


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Don’t Stop Can’t Stop 2PM’s Comeback Single

While I have 3 minutes left before I need to get back to mugging (T.T)…Might as well just give a heads up to the 2PM fans who are still waiting for their comeback regardless of the Jay saga. (Jay’s back anyway!:D)…

(added note: I just tried to go to their jyp site and apparently it’s laden with viruses…i guess the controversy is not really over is it? Well good luck to the boys still..regardless of all that controversy they do put on a good show and THAT is their job…the saga continues…)

Ahead of their comeback, a teaser photo to 2PM’s new album is released on 14th April on their teaser site and on Naver music site.

Known for their experimental concepts and acrobatic performances through their previous hits like ‘10 points out of 10′, ‘Again & Again’ and ‘Heartbeat’, the group has received much love from music fans all this while.

In the teaser photo revealed, the 2PM members were seen in a modern and chic image. A JYP rep revealed, “Through this single, 2PM will show a more matured side of them.”

The group is set for comeback on 22nd April.


shared by: sookyeong + fanaholic


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2PM’s Again&Again Remix + Redsoul’s Cover Remix TikTok Heartbeat

whoooo long title but the songs are sooooo worth it ~~~

credit: itokkey@YT

credit: mellen008@YT
omg i so want this song on my ipod 😀


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Happy Birthday Chansung!!


2PM’s maknae! 🙂 One of my fav’s. Cute cool and such a guy hehe~~May he have a fruitful year ahead. And ALWAYS keep his hair short. nyehehe~

speaking of favs i forgot Junho’s bdae on 25jan!!!! ahhhhh!!!anyways shout-out to Junho.

credit: boyssbeforeeflowerss@YT


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MUST WATCH! 2PM’s Tik Tok Musical Drama

wahhhh i wish they made a whole movie outta this nyeheh…what was all that nonsense about 2PM not being able to act???

credit: sanakujira3rd@YT

team wooyoung! he’s so cute as a rather blur policeman haha. an taec is so mannnn but a lesson to all men out there~don’t let a pretty lady steer you the wrong way, especially when you’re tryna solve a crime! haha~crossing my fingers for a contiuation of this. coupled with a new song maybe~~teeeheee 😀


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2PM For Spris CF

best thing about korean CFs – FULL Length Songs!!! 2PM FTW! 😀

credit: typicalpocky7@YT


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