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2PM Wallpapers – Without U & Coca Cola

someone requested newer 2PM wallpapers like way WAYYYY back but I hadn’t had the time or I got lazy..nyeheehee..somehow rather tough finding 2PM wallpapers and I wish my Photoshop skills were up to scratch…but still the ones I found I think are really good! 🙂

personal fav!:)

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2PM Wallpapers

Source/Credit: deviantart + showallpaper + as tagged + Google

heheh as you can see i kinda got them from everywhere by google so if i left out credits that you want me to add please tell me XD

i felt nostalgic after the Jun Bros perf so I thought I’d go look for some sources of wallpapers to share. Sighh hope everything goes well for 2PM 6, or 7 of them. But seriously if Jaebum decides he doesn’t want to come back yet, people should just back off him. Let him live his life the way he sees fit. He is not a commodity to be owned and controlled.

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2PM Wallpaper

this one is abit old…but thought that some of you might want it shared anyways XD


Credit: as tagged

From left: Junsu, Chansung, Wooyoung, Jaebom, Nickhun, Taecyeon, Junho ^^

Shared by: fanaholic@ wordpress


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