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2NE1’s 10Asia Interview Part 2

10asia (10): How did you learn to dance, Minzy? Even before your debut, your video was a subject of conversation.
Minzy: I really enjoyed dancing when I was young. I used to watch and copy the dance to YG Family’s “Fly Gentleman” music video. I learned more and more about hip-hop that way. In elementary school, I even attended a dance academy. I learned hip-hop dance first.

10: It’s beyond the level of being possible simply from learning it.
Minzy: I kept practicing how to freestyle dance. I practiced freestyle constantly for two years. When I went into the practice room, I’d just turn on the music and dance. When I dance like that, I don’t even know how I’m doing it.
Bom: She can make new moves when listening to music to the point that I’m awed. I’m surprised everytime I see it.

10: Did you directly make the chest-popping move in “Fire”?
Minzy: It came out as an ad lib while filming the music video and it was included.

10: Music videos must reflect your personal opinions a lot.
CL: Director Seo Hyun Seung has worked on our videos since “Fire” so we have a very good mutual understanding.

10: G-Dragon appears in the music video too.
CL: He appeared for just a moment when he came to visit, but that was included.
Minzy: And the director used it. (Laughs.)

10: You met like that to film the music video, and the debut was decided. How did you feel when you went up on stage for the first time?
CL: It was really chaotic because President [Yang], Teddy sunbae, G-Dragon and Daesung sunbaes came that day, but I felt really secure. We said, “Let’s play!” like usual and went up.

10: Is there a specific moment following your debut when you thought, “We’ve really become 2ne1″?
Bom: I get that feeling a lot when watching 2ne1 TV.
CL: It seems pretty natural because we’ve been together for years, although we just recently became a group.

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