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2AM’s I Did Wrong Drama MV

credit: aznsammanmv@YT

i likeeeeee πŸ˜€



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Congrats! 2AM Wins First No.1 On Inkigayo

WOOTS! 2AM FIGHTING!!! πŸ˜€ Well-deserved win πŸ™‚

bingeul bingeul bingeul bingeul~~! Catchayyyye~hehe

oohhh~dramatic intro. love the violin. pretty stage πŸ˜€

The One Man! I miss XMan…

fast becoming a fav of mine this song:)

credit: bwmow4@YT



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Music Bank 02502010

Loveeee this 2AM song πŸ™‚

i don’t usually associate kpop with bands like this but dude’s got good vocals πŸ˜€

nice song..but when the dude was saying ‘come back to me..’ he looked so scary and pissed off. isn’t it rather ironic that rappers are kinda the cooler people but it’s them who should chill..? hehe just a thought πŸ™‚

credit: momonsnowHD@YT


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2AM’s Back and They’ll Never Let Go

credit: bwmow5@YT

wow elaborate set much. awesomeeee song. has been on replay on my ipod since i first listened to the full song!

though it’s kinda creepy if someone doesn’t want to let go even if THEY die. like they’d be around? in non-hman form?? haha~ anyways, epic perf! πŸ˜€

credit: hottestblackjackvip@YT

the MV!


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JYP Artistes Reaction to JYP’s No Love No More

How cute..it’s like how you’d react if your dad or uncle made a music video lol πŸ˜€

credit: jypark@YT

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2AM JoKwon Has A Dream For 2PM

He wrote:
“1:59, 2:00”
“Keep Going”


not really sure what to make of this. although i don’t necessarily support the boycott I do wish JYP would be more transparent about this mess.

source: allkpop + jina_bing_bang@2Oneday

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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2PM/2AM/Oneday Comeback?

As you can see a fan tweeted JYP asking when the boys will be back and there it is! OCTOBER!!!I can’t waitttttt!! XD

There were even rumours of a full debut in the USA for 2PM but JYP has said that those are unconfirmed though he did say that he would like to plan a JYP Family tour in the States. Well all the best for 2PM + 2AM + Oneday!! XD

Source: allkpop

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