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Support 1:59PM?

As you may or not have found out, JYP has decided that 2PM will be continuing on activities as a six member group. Some fans have reacted by dubbing the remaining members 1:59PM…well I guess some people are still pissed that Jaebom has not been called back to rejoin 2PM. But remember people…there are still 6 people who you have loved, admired, and supported who still need it as much if not even more. so please…don’t victimize if it’s JYP you’re pissed off at. Would it really be worth it to sacrifice them in a boycott? It would seem like they’d be chess pieces in a game of Ego.

In any case, for Hottests willing to stand by 2PM, according to their schedule, 2PM’s first concert  will be at at the 2009 Supermodel Contest, held in Gyeongnam.Other performers at the event include G-dragon, 2NE1, SNSD / Girls’ Generation, Baek Ji Young, Hyunbin, and Wink.

The 2PM boys were scheduled to perform at this event before the Jaebeom situation arose, and there hasn’t been an official cancellation from JYPE or anyone else.

If not this event, it is possible that the group will perform at the Dream Concert on October 10th. In response to whether 2PM would still perform at the Dream Concert, it was said that, “Our wanting of 2PM on stage hasn’t changed.”

Support or not, fans must decide carefully what’s truly at stake. It was emotions and rash decisions that led to the Jaebom disappointment after all. Let’s not make the same mistake.

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