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100520 MNet Countdown – Night of Comebacks!

credit: nileyfever14@YT

i know i entitled it night of comeback and 2PM didn’t go anywhere yet but they take precedence in my reality. teehee

credit: 4minuteperf@YT

gots to be my fav comeback song! 🙂

credit: absolutemblaqlive@YT

lovin’ that the power rangers costume is not part of the comeback concept 🙂 and diggin’ G.O. without the dodgy ‘stache 😀

credit: pikeyenny@YT

hmmmm..i really do wanna say good things about their comeback but I must say I was looking out for their comeback and am rather disappointed. If not for the fans, this perf  would have been rather weak and I’m not the only one with this opinion. Wish their vocals were stronger louder coz they opened rather promisingly…and someone needs to get shot for the music…it’s just too antique and weak compared to the new powerful, catchy comebacks of the other bands. I must say, eventhough I was getting tired of ‘Nobody’, I’m starting to miss it. Yoobin’s rap was good though 😀


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Wonder Girls-2 Different Tears

There’s 3 versions: English, Chinese & Korean. I can’t decide which one I prefer yet. The MV is cute but I can’t get used to seeing Hae Lim rather Sunmi. I guess it takes time.

credits: wondergirls@yt





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WonderGirl’s Sunmi Leaves And Is Replaced By Trainee HaeRim

we don’t normally do WG news..but come on! they’re the WG!How could someone just get replaced??Oh my~~

source: + allkpop

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.

Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.

JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal classes.”

Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.


but in any case, i think the replacement looks promising

credit: jypsisters@YT

well~ good luck for sunmi in whatever she wants to do in life..and good luck to haerim living up to the WG standards 🙂


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JYP Artistes Reaction to JYP’s No Love No More

How’s like how you’d react if your dad or uncle made a music video lol 😀

credit: jypark@YT

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Wondergirls BBQ Chicken CF

Sydney has this shop! It’s really near where I live too, I used to go there often when they had a poster of DBSK in the front but now it has disappeared T_T Maybe I will be a regular again when they have a poster of Wonder girls^^

I don’t think anyone knows that I like Wonder girls cause I haven’t posted about them XD and so since exams are over and I have so much free time, I decided to go find out more about them sooo here’s my first Wonder girls post!

credits: SoheeFC


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