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The Kpop Guide to Keeping Warm in Winter

hahaha i’m so bored πŸ˜€ and cold. but after i heard these HAWT tunes i just melt πŸ˜€ (and TVXQ is back – somewhat πŸ˜€ it’s so beautiful to hear Changmin’s voice again πŸ˜€ – since all 5 are singing somewhere in the world I can imagine they’re all singing together :D:D:D – don’t no one tell me otherwise)

When the Door Closes – Doojoon & DongWoon (B2ST/Beast)

credit: renka1712@YT
One of the awesome things about Beast/B2ST is they are more true to the traditional lovey dovey/innocent-ish songs of the boybands of the ’90s and earlier. It’s all like I love you+You love me=happy or I love you – you love me= sad, so sweet. Compared to the more common contemporary songs with I wanna do you + You wanna do me = We may spread STDs/ I wanna do you X you don’t wanna do me = explicit content.
And DooJoon and DongWoon sing this by themselves! And they sound unbelievably awesome. Replaying X infinity πŸ˜€
(don’t know what’s with me and equations today ^^”)

Hot Times

credit: purplemyfav17@YT
HOT VOCALS. nuff said.
oh wait. imagine Xiah Junsu in this mix and we would all be in the Sahara.

Athena OST – TVXQ


Can’t wait for the Japanese show OST too. Sounds promising:

credit: 33misaki@YT


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100724 SHINee Comeback stage & SuJu Goodbye stage@ MusicCore

SHINee’s Comeback stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

First off, let me cry about Jonghyun, I STILL HATE HIS HAIR. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like his exposed back? I like his biceps though XD OK, now that I got that over with, everyone’s hair is looking better and better! Especially Key’s and Onew’s! I found the ending of Up & Down a tad bit messy here (I super love Key’s ‘Hey baby!’ though) and I somehow enjoyed yesterday’s perf more than today’s. Maybe the excitement from ytd died down. I like yesterday’s clothes more too, oh well there’s still Inkigayo! and I usually love Inkigayo perfs a lot:)

Suju’s Goodbye stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I liked their perfs but I’m kinda sad that it’s their Goodbye stage. As compared to last year’s goodbye stage, the group is smaller and I hope we’ll get to see a complete Suju soon! It will probably take a while though, with Kangin in the army, and Hangeng… and what about Kibum?? Is he coming back??



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100723 SHINee Comeback stage & Super Junior Goodbye stage @ Music Bank

SHINee Comeback- Up & Down + Lucifer

credits: iibigbangfan@yt

Ok, I was really excited for their comeback and I enjoyed their comeback stage. Minho pls recover soon! I didn’t really like the style for Up & Down, I guess they were trying to go for the gangsta look. For Lucifer it was pretty much the same style as seen in the MV and I was LOLing at Minho making all those ‘looks of charisma’. I was wowing at the size of his arm during Up & Down though. It made me forget for a moment that he’s 2years younger than me (Yes I’m the typical noona fan that SHINee was initially marketed towards XD). I prefered Onew’s hair here than compared to the video, no more center parting! Taemin looks as good in both πŸ™‚ but I think he stands out more in the MV than here.

For my top two: Key and Jonghyun, I preferred Key’s hair alot more than Jjong. Even though Key’s hair is more daring than Jjong, I think he can really work it. He’s just so full of confidence! I remember freaking out when I first saw Key’s teaser pic, but now the more I see him, the better he gets. Now, I feel really sad about what I am going to type next: Ever since the MV came out, I tried really really hard to like Jjong’s look cause he’s my favorite member but I can’t like it. I’m just not feeling his hair! I would prefer it if his forehead wasn’t so exposed! I really want to be all smiley and happy when the camera focuses on him but I just can’t! I hope he gets a better style soon!

Super Junior Goodbye Stage- Bonamana

credits: SuperAngelwithoutwin@yt

I love this perf! Everyone looks so happy and I think they had fun on stage:) I spied some EunHae at the start (0:11) too! AND you gotta love Ee teuk for congratulating SHINee on their comback at around 1:15. I haven’t been revising my Korean lately, but I think he said something along the lines of “Have you been waiting long? Congratulations on SHINee’s comeback, Fighting!” OH This is me being random but is Heechul not blond anymore or am I slow on this???

AND here’s a bonus!

credits: minhhoa310@yt

I have to admit when I saw Onew here, he reminded me of a character in One Piece… I’m sure if you have watched One Piece before, you will get what I mean XD I mean no harm here. I love SHINee & One Piece!


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100709 Super Junior- No Other @ Music Bank

credits: SuJuTV2@yt

They won!!!!

I have to say I really do love this song:) It’s a definite mood-lifter and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. I’m a little confused about this performance though, cause if I’m not mistaken, Siwon didn’t sing his part? or was it cut off??

I haven’t been following music bank or any music shows lately and have been lagging behind kpop and fandom updates. I miss it! The debuts of new groups, the excitement over comebacks, variety show madness, etc. I really do hope I can find the time to be a fangirl again. I miss all my fandoms so much!


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Super Junior – No Other λ„ˆκ°™μ€μ‚¬λžŒ 또 μ—†μ–΄ MV & LIVE

credits: sment@yt

There is nothing WOWing in this video, but it brings a much needed smile to my face. It brought my mood up and reminds me of the Super Junior that I supported before Kpop turned ugly. There has been so much drama in Kpop recently and sometimes I wish that everything will be peaceful and cheery (like in this MV)

credits: luvdbsk5@yt

Everyone looks good and happy! Donghae sounds very good here. I love it.


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Nightmare On Dream Concert

Pardon the title…I’m too excited waiting for Nightmare on Elm Street to come to our cinemas πŸ˜€ BUT anyways…as you may or not have anticipated there was some drama that cropped up during the Dream Concert.

During 2PM’s performance apparently quite a lot of fans (?), presumably ex-7PM members, plus fans of other groups joined in chanting Jaebum’s name from the start to the end – and especially during 2PM’s Don’t Stop Can’t Stop perf (which I told you was gonna open a can of rabid anti-fan worms). According to sookyeong who quoted Newsen, 2PM seemed flustered during their performance, at this, while other fans argue that the fans chanting were too far away from the stage for them to have heard it.

Reading fan comments were a lot more exciting though – some say it’s pay back for what certain things that 6PM fans have done against fans of other clubs…wah reading fan comments is like…makes Kpop kinda like a mafia territory fight or something. The saying should really go ‘hell hath no fury like a fan scorned…coz fangirls/boys gonna smack a bish’.


other red carpet pics:

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100516 Super Junior Comeback @ Inkigayo

Out of the 3 comebacks, I like Inkigayo’s set up the most but I’m not that happy with their outfits! Although I’m glad Sungmin got rid of his cropped pants:)

btw, during the bonamana perf at 2:36-2:39, I couldn’t stop loling at Eeteuk’s face as he ‘teased’ the fans XD

credits: CrazyCarrot310@yt


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Super Junior- Victory Korea MV teaser for World Cup

credit: sment@yt


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100515 Super Junior Comeback@ Music Core

credits: CrazyCarrot220

I don’t really like their outfits for music core and I feel that they sounded better yesterday at Music Bank. Is it because of the mics? Sungmin’s outift with the cropped pants didn’t agree with me at all 😦 but I liked Heechul’s style. I think I like his style out of the whole band for this comeback πŸ™‚ And Ee teuk buttoned up today! also I prefer Siwon’s hair here compared to the MV! not so greasy XD Ohhh! and I spot evidence of Ryeowook working out! @2:53


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100514 Super Junior Comeback on Music Bank

Boom Boom

credits: s0shikim@yt

I’m not a big fan of this song yet but it sounds very sm XD


credits: MrsHeoYS

First live perf! I can totally feel the energy esp with the fans cheering! I can’t help but notice Siwon during the start. I was totally loling at his face! Suju is always so entertaining^^


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