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Super Junior M’s Blue Tomorrow + GDragon’s Breathe

Since Denise was covering these two acts thought I’d follow up while she’s busy

Credit: taijizero1@YT

Credit: jenpooable@YT


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Super Junior M- Supergirl MV

credits: sment

OMGGGGGGG!!! Waited for the whole day for this!!As already seen in the teaser, everyone looks SO HAWT ♥____♥ The whole concept reminds me of Sorry sorry, especially the clothes and the dance. The song is quite catchy and the video is sooo cute!!! Hangeng as a nerd trying to get Jessica’s attention and later transforming to what I think looks like a ‘mafia boss’ XD Ever since the whole EHB thing with DBSK where SJ said that the boss is a Chinese (when helping to straighten out the cloth) LOL!

AND of course ever since I saw the teaser, Donghae stood out the most to me! I love him here!!!! He’s cute, bad-boyish and playful in the video. Charisma ♥______♥ Janice and I are trying not to betray Eunhyuk and Sungmin respectively but OMGGGG what is Donghae doing to us?!!?!??!?! LOVE HIS SOLO PART!!!!!!!

Oh btw, doesn’t Zhou Mi look like Ee teuk? and OMGGG Janice told me today that Henry and I are both born on the same DAY, same MONTH and same YEAR! It’s isn’t my fav member but isn’t that such a coincidence still?

NOW… go watch and enjoy the video!

I’m off to continue spazzing over the video ^o^ LOVE THE DANCE!!!! I wanna learn the dance! Can’t wait for a dance version^^ Oh~ Oh~ Oh~

Oh My Shupergirl ni shi wo de Baby Girl…Oh My Shupergirl wo shi ni de SHUPERMAN~ *fangirl screams*



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SJM Comeback teaser!!!!!!!

OMG! OMG! *AHHHHHHH* SOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!! brace yourself before watching!

I’m so excited for their comeback because they look absolutely DELICIOUS *o* *drools* I know I’m supposed to be studying but who can turn this down???? Everyone looks GORGEOUS and I’m not a huge donghae fan but OMGEE he looks REALLY SMOKING HOT here. ESPECIALLY AT 0:13-0:15! His hand actions, so arrogantly hot! Love his hair and his sunglasses ♥♥♥ AND HANGENG, our Beijing Fried Rice is looking good XD

Can’t wait for the full MV to be released on 14 Sep… *can’t sleep*
credits: thethirdchapter@yt

Wo shi ni de suuuuperman~ *dies*


Watch the teaser on HD, it’s SO worth it!



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