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Family Outing Ep64 (Big Bang’s SeungRi & SS501’s HyunJoong)

Ok, my very first review! I’m practicing so that I’ll be prepared to review You’re Beautiful when it’s out on Oct 7! Super excited :):):)

I love watching family outing because it makes me laugh ALOT but I never came around to doing an episode review, but now seems like the right time because this episode was one of the most anticipated ones. Why? Because it has Seung ri and Hyun Joong!! Just to give a head ups, I’m a HUGE Seungri fan, I like Hyun Joong too, but yeah, SEUNGRI for me!

Are you ready??? LET’S GO!


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[Review] Stage of Youth

Just finished the chinese drama ‘Stage of Youth’ starring Hangeng from Super Junior so I thought of writing a review for this series as I really liked it:).

Warning: There will be spoilers ahead.


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[Review] Heading to the Ground (Ep 1)

Heading to the Ground is OUT! ( Officially since the 9th of September:))

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Rain models for ELLE

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2NE1 Inkigayo Debut Stage

2NE1’s debut stage with their song ‘Fire’

Peronally I thought the intro was kinda cool…I especially liked Minzy’s intro (is that her stage name now?I get confused -_-“). I thought her dance was the most energetic and powerful. But with the mystery and the hype around their debut..I kinda expected more colours, more spectacle…just more.Hmmm~

Credits: janes1988 @Youtube


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2NE1’s HOT debut

2NE1 debuts today 6th May with their new song ‘Fire’ with two different MVs shot. 2NE1’s first ever stage debut will be on SBS Inkigayo this 17th of May while there are plans to release a mini-album and then a full length one in July and October respectively. Teasers for the new MV initially attracted 200,000 views to their site and despite some disparaging comments, 500,000 views were attracted with the release of the full MVs (Credits:ygnxgeneration @ wordpress )

Check out the two versions already on Youtube here:

(Videos uploaded by jreissol90 and YGLadies respectively @ YT)

I personally prefer the street version coz it’s umm..less alien..haha the space version kinda stretched the whole ‘next generation’ idea a bit much though i LOVEEE CL’s cool specs in the space version. I’ve got the utmost respect for Minji. She’s just overflowing with talent and at such a young age! (Makes me feel old and decadent T___T”). The song overall is another addictive hit and the MV is another colourful sensation that’s fresh with it’s outta this world fashion sense…and the fashion really IS outta this what the heck are they wearing. As odd to me as it is they still exude some kinda cool. Haha^^ check them out. I think they’ll be giving the other girl groups ALOT to be worried about. 😀


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BOF final episode review

The season finale of “Boys over flowers” has finally come to a pass, as most of you rabid fans would already know (hands up, including mine). Even though it has been a few days since I last feast my eyes on the Korean F4, it is still hard to let go of the final images of the show and its characters imprinted in my mind. And so, what not a better way to bring forth closure by writing up my review on said episode 25?

Beforehand, a WARNING must be mentioned, that there might be some SPOILERS up ahead. So for those of you who have yet to watch BOF last episode, you have now to make the crucial choice of whether to read on, or avert your sight elsewhere.

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(credit:Vizpro@ youtube)

If you missed the Korean production which recently hit Singapore, Breakout Korean Extreme Dance Comedy, I feel sorry for you (not to rub it in Song heh but it really was THAT good). It was a gem of a performance from start to end with THE hottest ever blazin’ dance moves and outta this world beat-boxing. I was absolutely awed outta my brains and I think what is the best thing ever about Korean dramas, movies and productions like this is the creative humour. They were awesome for the audience participation part too – I really didn’t anticipate them to be running around in the audience as part of their ‘breaking outta jail’ routine and then the making fun of one of the audience members…super LOLROTFLLMAO!!! I don’t know that person’s umm personal feelings but it sure was funny for the rest of us!


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