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100725 Inkigayo (Miss A, TaeYang, Narsha & Son Dambi)

I usually only watch performances of groups/singers that I am actively supporting but here are some songs that I think are awesome and deserve some mention!

Miss A- Bad Girl Good Girl

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I mentioned before that I like this song, and the group shows potential! Sadly I have yet to learn their names but I’m determined to do so!

Tae Yang- I need a girl (eng sub)

credits: sob2st08@yt

He won mutizen! Big Bang come back soon pls!!

Narsha- Bbi Ri Bba Bba

credits: KyuleeKPOP119

Love her! The song’s addictive and her clothes looks good on her! Her makeup looks uncomfortable to wear though…

Son DamBi- Queen

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I think she is one of the prettiest female k-pop artiste with or without makeup. She looked good in Family outing with no or minimal makeup! Her songs are catchy too!


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Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

credits: vietznamese@yt

It’s been so long since fanaholic has last been updated that I’m no sure if there are still people reading. Life has been a bitch recently and it’s getting harder to keep up with Kpop, but I’m not ready to abandon kpop yet! So, I’ll try to keep this going for a while longer.

This is a new girl group by JYP. JYP’s group have been going through some troubles recently, and it’s nice to see some new faces. I haven’t learned much about them yet and will continue to watch them before I decide if I wanna support this new group.

This song is pretty catchy though, so I’m hoping they will make it big:)


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