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JYP Versus Sidus HQ on Jay Park

damn this old man.

So there was a recording on KBSTV2 that JYP was on, on a show called Win Win and AGAIN he was asked about Jay Park’s exit from 2PM. And the thing that got to me was that he said “…I could never forgive him”.


JYP said:

“I was forced to choose between protecting that young child, or deceiving the public. If I were to cover at least some of it and protect the child, it’s possible I wouldn’t have to deceive them, but if the situation were to exacerbate, it is only Park Jaebeom that gets hurt when the public finds out the truth,”

source: TV Report via Nate + allkpop

It’s not like Jay dissed JYP. He made a very regrettable statement about South Korea but come on! How painful was it for you to “deceive the public”? Big corporations do that all the time and you decide that Jay’s comments are the most horrendous? I mean, I’m all for respecting your elders, and respecting people who have more experience in whatever industry, blah blah. But some people really need to cut shit out. Especially this particular guy.

But Jay’s current agency has retaliated:

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Jay Park Foolin around/Bedrock (cover)

New video of Jay!

I have to say, I’m happy that he’s back. I’m glad he didn’t hide away forever or just disappear. At first I really wanted him to g back to 2PM cause he was the leader, but now, I think I’m glad it worked out this way. It’s good that he has people back home to support him and encourage him, and hopefully one day he will be free from those crazy netizens that are so full of hate.

credits: jayparkaom@yt

I miss seeing him on variety shows though!

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Jay Park’s Return to Showbiz Plans

source: allkpop + Sports Khan

1. So you probably know by now that Jay will be in a Hollywood movie called Hype Nation. So it’s been set that he will travel to South Korea from 31st May to 1st June with his family, production crew and fellow AOM members. The story plot will focus around Gamblerz Crew fighting against an American team at the World Champion B-Boy Battle held in Korea. Elements of romance between the characters are expected to be included in the storyline as well. The movie will be directed by Ellen Kazarti, the winner of MTV Music Video Awards for directing Backstreet Boys and ‘N SYNC AND the movie will be filmed in 3D! (OMG is Jay gonna pop outta the screen?? Haha gives a whole new meaning to poppin’ heeee :D) Hype Nation is slated for release in the summer of 2011 ( so around…June thereabouts?)

2. Other than Hype Nation the movie there will also apparently be a Hype Nation World Tour featuring artists such as B2K in December touring US cities and major Asian cities (why I gotta be in Europe at this time. Big TSK).

3. Jay will release his official single entitled ‘Demon’ on July 10th which will mark the start of his activities in showbiz as a singer. According to executive producer of Hype Nation, Jason Lee, the song Demon was written by Teddy Riley, a prominent songwriter in the U.S. music market who has worked with Lady Gaga, Dr Dre and other prominent names in the past. One of the four songs will be titled Fame, which will feature Snoop Dogg. Singer Brandon and rapper T-Pain have also joined in.

WOW a LOT of big names…I’m so excited for him and for othe Jay fans. His return to the stage will definitely be something to look out for. Goes to show that maybe every cloud does have its silver lining 🙂


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The Jay Effect – Interview With Park Jaebom

*EDITED: with Jay’s message to fans

credit: st1rfrytv@YT

credit: t2ssubs@YT

boo i missed his birthday on Saturday. In any case Happy Belated Birthday Jaebom! 🙂 All the best in your upcoming projects and you know your fans are all behind you 😀


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Jay Park, Dumfoundead & Clara Chung: Clouds

credit: dumbfoundead@YT

niceeeee~ very different from kpop of course but a really chill track

for download link go to: Clouds – Dumbfoundead, Jay Park, Clara Chung 🙂


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