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091212 Seoul’d out Summary (with DL links for pictures)

To download these and the previous T-max, FT Island & BEG pictures click here!

credit: fanaholic@wordpress

And some words from the organizers:
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! U all have been an amazing audience! And inspire us to do BETTER! We sincerely apologize for the queue situation and promise we will do better for the next show! See you in Jun/Jul 2010! Bigger and Fresher festival!!! (from their facebook page)

I hope I will be in Singapore during the next sundown!

Song List:
1. Ice
3.Kiss Me Through The Phone
4.Never Say GoodbYe
5. Umbrella

Lee Ji Soo:
1.Love is hard to go
2.Nam ja eui Hyang gi
5.Confess… See More

1. bang bang boom
2. Chungchi
3. fight the bad feeling
4. almost paradise
5. say yes
6. 왜 그랬어 (from latest single).

FT Island:
1. 한가지말 (Hangajimal / One Word)
2. 바래 (Barae / I Hope)
3. 빙빙빙 (Bing Bing Bing)
4. 멋쟁이 vs. 예쁜이 (The Cool vs. The Pretty / FT vs. Pri)
5. 사랑앓이 (Sarangarhi / Lovesick)

1. SIgn
2. You raise me up
3. L.O.V.E
4. Abracadabra
5. How Come


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091212 Seoul’d out- FT Island pictures

credits: fanaholic@wordpress

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091107 Idol Maknae Rebellion Episode 1 Subbed

I love imop.wordpress! They are so fast in updating on releases:)

Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6



credits: 2odsubs1@yt


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Sundown Festival Seoul’d Out Singapore 2009 – Artistes Flight Details


10th Dec, 9.30pm
Terminal 2 Changi Airport Artist arrivals

We are not sure whether all the artistes (FT Island, Brown Eyed Girls, T-max, etc) will be arriving at the same time, so do look out for our constant updates!

Anybody wanna go with me????


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FT Island’s Singapore 2010 Fanmeet + Fansign


Day/Date: Friday, 29 January 2010
Time: (To be confirmed soon)
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza (MAP)

Fansign Event Flow: FT Island will only sign Official Fanmeet CDs (only 300 are available), and every fan’s official CD will get signature from only ONE random FT Island member (i.e. the next available “slot” style).

Only fans who are holding the 300 Official Fanmeet CDs, will be admitted into the queue for the fansigning.


Day/Date: Saturday, 30 January 2010
Time: 3pm
Venue: Dragonfly @ St. James Powerstation (MAP)

Fanmeet & Handshake Event Flow: Fanmeet Event will be followed by Handshake Event, where every fan holding a Fanmeet ticket, will get a handshake from ONE random FT Island member only (similar to Fansign style).

The fanmeet event will be a free-standing event.

Rough listing of activities during the fanmeet
(This list is not finalized and is still very much subject to changes):

– 2 Songs by FT.triple
FT Island’s fan interaction session (e.g. play games) with the fans, Question and Answer Session, etc
– 3 Songs by FT Island
– 1 Song by Lee Hong Ki (from “You’re Beautiful” drama)
– Finale (1 song by FT Island) (Tentative)
– Handshake Session


Event is open for public, but there are limited numbers of tickets sold.

PRICE CATEGORY 1 – S$150 (Total Tickets for Sale = 300)
Inclusive of:
– 1 (One) Ticket to Fansign @ IMM Garden Plaza
– 1 (One) Official Fanmeet CD for Fansign @ IMM Garden Plaza
– 1 (One) Ticket to Fanmeet & Handshake @ Dragonfly

PRICE CATEGORY 2 – S$100 (Total Tickets for Sale = 400)
Inclusive of:
– 1 (One) Ticket to Fanmeet & Handshake @ Dragonfly

LOCAL TICKETS SALES (All categories)

Tickets sale will be open for public, with the following details:

Day/Date: Saturday, 19 December 2009
Time: 1pm – 7pm
Venue: IMM Building (MAP) Exact location within IMM, to be updated soon

Note: There will only be limited number of tickets for sale.
There will only be 300 tickets for sale for Category 1 (S$150), and
400 tickets for sale for Category 2 (S$100) up for grabs. Once these tickets are sold out, there are NO additional tickets sold to the event. However, if there are still tickets after the first day of sale, tickets will be still sold at IMM.

EXCLUSIVE POSTER will be given for every ticket purchased at IMM on Launch Day on the 19th of December between 1-7pm, while stocks last


Reserved tickets for overseas fans:
– 30 (Thirty) CATEGORY 1 Tickets @ S$150 each
– 50 (Fifty) CATEGORY 2 Tickets @ S$100 each

The above reserved tickets are part of the limited total number of tickets sold (i.e. 300 and 400 in overall). Overseas tickets sales are by first come/pay, first serve basis.

Payment for overseas tickets purchases are ONLY by a secure online payment method, Paypal (plus charges applied). Posters will be given as long as stocks last only, and payment (by paypal) has to be received by 30 December 2009, or your purchase will be cancelled.

For overseas fans who would like to buy, please email for the details on how to get your tickets.

Credits: DE +



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Support For Park Jaebom

Can you believe some people started a petition titled “Jaebeom Should Commit Suicide” on one of Daum’s sites Agora??? Over 3000 people have signed this petition, leaving comments such as “Go back to America”“I’m disgusted by you”, and “Jaebeom will be the next Yoo Seung-joon before it was taken down on September 7.

But things seem to be looking up, because another petition entitled 
“Please Forgive Our Jaebeom Just This Once” on Agora replaced the other hate-filled one and has gained over 6,000 signatures in two days.There’s an online petition going around also in support of the, to this extent, unfairly victimized Jaebom. Although it has already surpassed it’s aim of 10, 000 names with around 12000 plus names, I’s still strongly suggest fans/people who disagree with this bitterness to continue giving support to Jaebom.  

 Fellow Kpop star Jonghun from F.T Island has also shown support on his Cyworld saying “Isn’t the world too scary? The past is the past…I understand the feeling of that person who is in trouble now…Fighting!” 

People make mistakes. Especially extremely stressed out 18 year olds who are dislocated from an environment familiar to them. Stressed out teenagers else where in the world do worse things than say things they come to regret, like shooting people or committing suicide or blow stuff up. An eye for an eye makes the world go blind. Stop the hate. 

Source: 2oneday + allkpop

Shared by: fanaholic@wordpress


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090828 Music Bank performances

Opps! forgot to share music bank! I have to go do my homework soon, so I’ll post all the videos in one post!

FT Island – I Hope (remix ver.)

Hongki changed his hair colour again!

Baek JiYoung & TaecYeon – My Ear’s Candy

K-chart – G-Dragon WIN

look at the dbsk sign at 0:03-0:06! The words in yellow^^

More here!


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