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100131 Inkigayo

Oops! I kinda disappeared for a long time! I just had some personal stuff to think about and admittedly my fangirling level has decreased significantly:( I’m still crazy about k-pop and stuff but how do I say this? A different sort of crazy perhaps? I’m not too sure myself.

Anyways… I have just gotten back from Korea and will probably do some korea posts soon:) Korea was the BEST but sadly I was out of it when I came back. I had a nasty flu for the past few days *cough cough* but now I’m finally (ignores the constant coughing) recovered and back in action!

Sorry to everyone that had emailed us and have not gotten any replies! I will get to the affiliations and projects requests soon:)

I’m also thinking of what to cover. There are so many new programs! U-Kiss’s vampire, SHINee’s Hello Baby, WGM etc…. So much to watch!!!

Now… on to the real stuff! It’s been awhile since I youtubed inkigayo performances and it’s SNSD’s comeback!

It’s funny how I used to be (this was all in the past! dont hunt me down!) super anti snsd but I’m now hooked to their music XD

credits: lublubyiuSNSD

I’m crying for Taeyeon’s hair in the first performance!! What did they do to her???? My fav member!

credits: PressTheResetJoJo

They won mutizen!!! Seriously this song was one of the most played in Korea~ However, Number one most played has got to be T-ara’s Bo Peep Bo Peep! IT WAS EVERYWHERE >.< and every time it came on, my hands itched to do the dance XD

credits: Saniyab2st

I think they will be doing overseas promos now?

credits: TabiHyung
Jiggy jiggy gets addicting…

credits: kimdzin4
KJK's comeback!!!!!!


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100108 F.Cuz 포커즈 (Focus) – 지기 Jiggy (Debut Stage) @ Music Bank & MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

It’s a pretty decent debut performance although I’m not crazy about the song yet. I have to start to learning their names soon! It’ll be easy cause there’s only 4 members 🙂

Their MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

Their white fur thing reminds me of GD! Actually, the whole video reminds me of him! Is it just me??


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New boy band: F.Cuz

EDIT: Last member added!
Heads up! A new boy band is coming! I haven’t finished memorizing the names of the others yet and already I have another one on my list. They should be debuting in January. Only 3 out of 4 members are revealed at the moment, stay tune for more!

F.Cuz pronounced as Focus
credits: SangJoongYun @yt




They are looking good so far, what do you readers out there think?


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