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Stopping Time With Tohoshinki

YAY! Teaser of their MV has been released. Listening to their songs when the going gets tough is the best medicine! 😀 I heard their rivals NEWS even had to delay their single release to avoid a clash with TVXQ on Oricon.

credit: dongbang123@YT

the full song & lyrics:)

credit: dirah9310@YT

Tohoshinki – Toki wo Tomete [Please Stop Time]

Isogu you ni
As if being in a hurry

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TVXQ Breakout Full MV

credit: tscchamie@YT

really great to see the guys back with a new MV as ambiguous an MV as it is. And did I hear – we keep the faith – sung by mickey?? hhahaha 😀 changmin is so skinny. eat boy eat! hoping for even better days for dbsk! 😀


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TVXQ Day 2009!

Well actually I’m 24hours late but I did spend some time in the day reflecting on my No. 1 obsession and well just to warn you I’m going to start rambling hehe 😀

credit: sharingyoochun@YT

credit: faniatmanti@YT

ok rambling starts now ~

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TVXQ + Big Bang Win Japan Gold Artist Award

Credit: 33okilove33 + Junko7777 @YT

Congrats to the two bands 🙂 Really gut-wrenching to see TVXQ back on stage togther and Gara Gara Go is sooo catchy~

source: allkpop

shared by: fanaholic@wordpress



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[Vid]SM CEO — Press Release

Credits :personanongratatvxq

Mister CEO sure looks nervous and he even stutters!Guilty much!

— Steph

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I don’t care who/what I should believe in… I just want to keep the faith

Credits:  tohosomnia


okay.. so I did tear after watching this show.. I must be getting old! Sniff.. always keep the faith girls! I trust our boys only want a fair contract and I trust that all the media is bullshitting (yes, pardon me for my language) and I trust that our boys still want to be together, forever as DBSK/TVXQ/DBSG.

— steph

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Cassiopeia’s 1st Single Album (Love melody)



TVXQ’s fanclub ‘Cassiopeia’ made a fan album to support TVXQ.

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