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F3 And Son Dambi Haptic Mission 1

Credit: bloomflowers123 @YT

I think this Haptic Mission thingy is a kind of drama/CF something haha anyways the Eng Subbed trailer tells basically of what’s going on but the drama/CF isn’t subbed and don’t look at me I don’t know what they’re talking about either…if there was just a really kind subber soul out there with some spare time *hint hint* XD

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Continuation of BOF??

Well some of you have probably already found out but I just did (o.O <- slow). Anyways there is gonna some Special Edition Finale Musical Drama for BOF showing what happens to the main cast after 5 years (=.=),,, hmmm could be good or bad. Oh yeah KBS2TV is airing it today 19th May so all of you privileged people with cable can go watch it.

Anyway the underprivileged without cable like me can just always rely on good ol’ youtube and their chraitable uploaders XD. Here’s the Yi Jung and Woo Bin after story… 


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BOF final episode review

The season finale of “Boys over flowers” has finally come to a pass, as most of you rabid fans would already know (hands up, including mine). Even though it has been a few days since I last feast my eyes on the Korean F4, it is still hard to let go of the final images of the show and its characters imprinted in my mind. And so, what not a better way to bring forth closure by writing up my review on said episode 25?

Beforehand, a WARNING must be mentioned, that there might be some SPOILERS up ahead. So for those of you who have yet to watch BOF last episode, you have now to make the crucial choice of whether to read on, or avert your sight elsewhere.

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Dong Bang Over Flowers

(credit: DBSKnights33@ youtube)

This is what would have happened if my two loves had been combined♥ The video is really quite cool, however as much as i love DBSK (and i do love them ALOT), i think i am glad that they turned down the roles because i would rather them focus on what they do best, which is MUSIC. Besides, the current F4 are pretty awesome!



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