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The Kissable Kim Hyun Joong in Kim Joon’s MV

If things progress fast enough, Kim Joon together in the group T-Max will release a new album coming end-June. And in the album will be a solo song by him, as of the other T-Max members as well.

And especially for the MV of Kim Joon’s solo song, Kim Hyun Joong, who was part of the F4 group in drama Boys Over Flowers with Kim Joon, will be starring as the male lead to the it.

It has been 2 months since the drama Boys Over Flowers ended, but the F4 honor and loyalty continues in its members.

T-Max’s company said on 10th June, “T-Max will release a new album end-June to early July. And in the album, the members will have their solo songs. Kim Joon is the first member to finish his recording. Coming 12th, he will be shooting for the MV in a set in GyeongGiDo. And Kim Hyun Joong will be the male lead to the MV.” 



Who wants to receive a kiss from SS501 Kim Hyun Joong?

Apparently lots of people. Kim Hyun Joong took the top spot as the male celebrity whom women want to be kissed by. Jewelry brand Stylus by Golden Dew in honor of 6/14’s Kiss Day [Yes, there is apparently a Kiss Day*] took a survey on their homepage asking “Which male celebrity would you want to be kissed by?”

The results came out as 34% wanting to receive a kiss from Kim Hyun Joong followed by a very close 32% wanting to be kissed by Lee Min Ho. This seems to show the lingering popularity of the F4 and the BOF effect. 3rd place was Song Seung Hun with 15%, then Jo In Sung (13%) in 4th place, and 5th place by Lee Seung Gi (6%). 

Source: sookyeong@wordpress + allkpop

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Lee Minho & Park Shin Hye For Etude House




Who exactly is Park Shin Hye? I believe she is going to be Public Enemy No. 1 hahaah. First with Hyun Joong in the Dynamic Kin CF..and now with Minho for Etude House. This girl is either very lucky or very kamikaze hehe~

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More Kim Hyun Joong Dynamic Kin Pics


so fresh! XD



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Lee Min Ho and Kim Joon in W Magazine (June 2009 Issue)

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BOF Haptic Mission & Jap Mag Pics



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BOF After Story Part 3 and 4

Woohoo fans are the most efficient people in the world 😀 The JiHoo and JunPyo after stories are already up on Youtubeeee! 

Part 3 – Yoon Ji Hoo

Credit: babyspring87 @ YT

Part 4 – Gu Jun Pyo

Credit: hoonfami @ YT

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New F3 and Son Dambi Haptic Mission 2


Credit: maymay2711 @ YT

In this installation Lee Minho replaces Kim Bum who signed with Samsung’s rival LG o.O! So scandalous! ^^

There are only teasers for this one as this second part will only be released on May 27.

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