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Big Bang Crystal Cyon CF

I’ve been neglecting big bang TT
EDIT: Added new video
credit: taijizero2@yt
BIGBANG「CRYSTAL」Web Site Intro + Main Video

credits: SHINeeWorldKey@yt
Daesung version- I think he’s trying to get the girl’s number *jealous* but gets rejected?

Taeyang & Seungri version- Seungri asks Taeyang if he’s found a girl, he denies it at first but then Taeyang says, “how did you know?” Seungri says my eye can see everything. And then he looks down around Taeyang’s crotch area and says I see some pink panties (ANDREWDOGGyDiNOSAUR)

G-Dragon Version- GD being all vain XD Taeyang is kinda cute here when he was covering his eyes!

TOP version


Group version

Don’t you feel like getting the phone now???


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