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2PM’s Flash Mob Competition – WIN Prizes!

OMG! Now I REALLY wish I could dance TT__TT Alas, I have not two left feet but three…heeee 😀

credit: 2PM

The competition stars from today 26April 2010 to 26May 2010 (thereabouts since its 1 month long) And the winner will be announced a week after. The winner(s) get a chance to win their 6 stage outfits (!!!) and 5 autographed Don’t Stop Can’t Stop Albums. Since the competition is on Youtube and they said they’d ship the prizes I’m thinking it’s open to all fans worldwide. So why don’t you guys go on to 2PM @YT  or just watch the teach vid from here and video reply your own flash mob and leave your contact info as their instructions tell you.

Just thought I’d share coz there’d been loads of flash mobs done from before and thought there might be some interested parties who’d wanna try out. 🙂 I guess if you want updates about this competition you can sub to 2PM @ YT or if not I’ll probably follow up with stuff coz i’m subscribed. Spread the 2PM loveeee y’all 😀



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Happy Birthday Chansung!!


2PM’s maknae! 🙂 One of my fav’s. Cute cool and such a guy hehe~~May he have a fruitful year ahead. And ALWAYS keep his hair short. nyehehe~

speaking of favs i forgot Junho’s bdae on 25jan!!!! ahhhhh!!!anyways shout-out to Junho.

credit: boyssbeforeeflowerss@YT


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