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Can’t Nobody Go Clap Your Hands With 2NE1 Coz It Hurts

woohoo. been forever since i blogged. did y’all miss my messed up titles? hahah probably not. anyways, i was really falling off the kpop loop until 2NE1 reemerged with their first ever full length album To Anyone and I thought even if no one cared i’d just humour myself with some fangirling nyehehe…

credit: 2NE1@YT
my ultimate favourite out of the 3 comeback songs. really awesome song, awesome beats, awesome lyrics but like many i wished they’d stay the heck away from auto-tune. for a group with so much talent there really isn’t a need for that dreadful abomination to mankind. i’m absolutely loving the blonde hair on CL and extensions on Minzy. But of course they have always been my favs 😀 I just wished the guy had died instead in the ending. Guys like that are seriously a waste of oxygen, just sayin’.

credit: 2NE1 @YT
another bangin’ hit. i especially love the hook when they sing “baksujyoo~ ohhh~ ohh~”. that dance should absolutely be the new macarena (or whatever trending dance…gawd i’m old -.-).

credit: 2NE1@YT

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Big Bang’s Beautiful Hangover

credits: BIGBANG@yt

I love this video! The song is just so-so for me, but the the group’s style is just the epitome of COOL. Especially TOP! GD is looking pretty good as well!


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100801 SHINee @ Inkigayo

credits: leesunhye9892@yt

YAY! Jonghyun’s hair is getting better as compared to last week! Although I prefer yesterday’s (music core) better. As much as I love him, I couldn’t help laughing when I thought he was trying to be all sexy XD IS it just me or does Taemin look skinner than usual? I hope they can take care of themselves during this busy promos!


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100731 SHINee @ Music Core

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I love this perf! Cause Jonghyun looks GOOD!


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100730 SHINee @ Music Bank

Lucifer Performance

credits: romeo2juliette@yt

Better hair & clothes!!! Whee~ AND THEY WON NUMBER ONE!!! GO SHINEE!


credits: yootinaa@yt


credits: kechykahhh@yt


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100725 Inkigayo (Miss A, TaeYang, Narsha & Son Dambi)

I usually only watch performances of groups/singers that I am actively supporting but here are some songs that I think are awesome and deserve some mention!

Miss A- Bad Girl Good Girl

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I mentioned before that I like this song, and the group shows potential! Sadly I have yet to learn their names but I’m determined to do so!

Tae Yang- I need a girl (eng sub)

credits: sob2st08@yt

He won mutizen! Big Bang come back soon pls!!

Narsha- Bbi Ri Bba Bba

credits: KyuleeKPOP119

Love her! The song’s addictive and her clothes looks good on her! Her makeup looks uncomfortable to wear though…

Son DamBi- Queen

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I think she is one of the prettiest female k-pop artiste with or without makeup. She looked good in Family outing with no or minimal makeup! Her songs are catchy too!


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100725 SHINee Comeback stage & Super Junior Goodbye stage @ Inkigayo

SHINee- Up & Down (Eng Sub)

credits: shineeloveholic + CrazyCarrot350

I love it when Taemin performs Up & Down, he’s always have a super cute smile! (0:45)

SHINee- Lucifer (Eng Sub)

credits: shineeloveholic + CrazyCarrot350

Inkigayo never disappoints! I love the color tones of their clothes and even though I am not in love with Jonghyun hair, he looks better here with his hair pinned back, not so lion-like as compared to the previous performances. AND OMG 2:53 just blew me away… those veins… just wow.

SHINee- Traffic Song

credits: icysn0w + CrazyCarrot350

Cute, but Minho ‘s missing 😦

SHINee- Interview

credits: TVXQSuJuSHINee4ever

A bonus for me because my latest K-pop eyecandy Jung Yonghwa from CN Blue who is a host of Inkigayo appears here! Whee~

Super Junior- No other & Bonamana

credits: CHOCOTRADEMARK3 + Crazycarrot350

Last goodbye stage for bonamana:( but great nonetheless and I think Heechul looks great here:)


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