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1. All in the name of fun: Please DO NOT take us too seriously. Whatever we say here is for FUN. We have no intention of harming or hurting anyone. This blog contains actual information as well as RUMORS. Whatever that is written here SHOULD NOT be regarded as 100% true. Please remember that we LOVE the artistes that we write about and want the best for them.

2. Do not hotlink pictures or download links: We upload our pictures on hosting sites and we hope you do the same if you plan to use them. Please direct people to our site for the links rather than posting up the download links elsewhere.

3. Credits: We will try to credit as much as we can. We are not very good at it and we apologize if you see your stuff here uncredited. Please contact us and we will be happy to credit you or remove it if needed. Likewise if you are taking pictures from here, please credit the original owner as well and if taking our graphics please credit us. Thanks. Note: All pictures, videos and graphics do not belong to us unless stated.

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5 responses to “Mod/Admin Notice

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    • nice … fighting ,,

      can you tell me how many show Super Junior made in their suju super show in Seoul?? plus solo performance and all of it..^^

      please let me know..

      thank you

      • fanaholic

        denise: hey sorry for the late reply, anyway suju had 3 shows in seoul 17-19 of july. What would u like to know abt the solos? So far I only saw stuff abt sungmin, kangin and kyuhyun solo. I’ll continue looking around:)

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    Sorry for offtopic

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