JYP Versus Sidus HQ on Jay Park

damn this old man.

So there was a recording on KBSTV2 that JYP was on, on a show called Win Win and AGAIN he was asked about Jay Park’s exit from 2PM. And the thing that got to me was that he said “…I could never forgive him”.


JYP said:

“I was forced to choose between protecting that young child, or deceiving the public. If I were to cover at least some of it and protect the child, it’s possible I wouldn’t have to deceive them, but if the situation were to exacerbate, it is only Park Jaebeom that gets hurt when the public finds out the truth,”

source: TV Report via Nate + allkpop

It’s not like Jay dissed JYP. He made a very regrettable statement about South Korea but come on! How painful was it for you to “deceive the public”? Big corporations do that all the time and you decide that Jay’s comments are the most horrendous? I mean, I’m all for respecting your elders, and respecting people who have more experience in whatever industry, blah blah. But some people really need to cut shit out. Especially this particular guy.

But Jay’s current agency has retaliated:

“Title: SidusHQ – Official statement regarding Park Jin Young’s mention of Park Jaebeom

Hello, this is Park Jaebeom’s agency, SidusHQ.

We would like to make an official announcement regarding some of the statements Park Jin Young made on the December 21st episode of “Win Win.”

First of all, Park Jin Young’s statement was expressed in a way that implied pity. He stated, “Should the truth be revealed, this friend will be hurt. We are not revealing it in order to protect him.” Such unconfirmed statements opens room for a variety of different speculations, and as Park Jaebeom’s agency, we can no longer look over the matter.

We at SidusHQ are curious about Park Jin Young’s intentions on creating another controversy with the nuance of ‘being hurt once revealed.’ Through “Win Win,” Park Jin Young stated that he “could not lie, or speak of the truth.” We would like to retort by asking why the truth cannot be disclosed. Under the pretext of protection, such irresponsible statements have only given pain to Park Jaebeom.

We are curious about the problem that ‘will bring harm to him once revealed‘. We are hoping that JYP Entertainment will confidently reveal the problem that ‘cannot be revealed in case it brings harm to Park Jaebeom.‘

By not speaking the utter truth and merely beating around the bush, we cannot help but wonder whether it is Park Jin Young himself that is ‘deceiving’ the public by furthering the public’s frustration and curiosity on the issue.

Like we stated this past July after we signed on Park Jaebeom, Park Jaebeom is a ‘thoughtful young man with a large heart. A young friend that has ran without rest to achieve his dreams.’

We hope that Park Jaebeom will no longer be wounded by his former company and will be allowed to actively promote himself. We would like to express our gratitude towards the people that continue to support and regard him with warm eyes. We greet you once more with a better image.

Thank you.”

source: SidusHQ+allkpop

Well said, SidusHQ.



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