Can’t Nobody Go Clap Your Hands With 2NE1 Coz It Hurts

woohoo. been forever since i blogged. did y’all miss my messed up titles? hahah probably not. anyways, i was really falling off the kpop loop until 2NE1 reemerged with their first ever full length album To Anyone and I thought even if no one cared i’d just humour myself with some fangirling nyehehe…

credit: 2NE1@YT
my ultimate favourite out of the 3 comeback songs. really awesome song, awesome beats, awesome lyrics but like many i wished they’d stay the heck away from auto-tune. for a group with so much talent there really isn’t a need for that dreadful abomination to mankind. i’m absolutely loving the blonde hair on CL and extensions on Minzy. But of course they have always been my favs 😀 I just wished the guy had died instead in the ending. Guys like that are seriously a waste of oxygen, just sayin’.

credit: 2NE1 @YT
another bangin’ hit. i especially love the hook when they sing “baksujyoo~ ohhh~ ohh~”. that dance should absolutely be the new macarena (or whatever trending dance…gawd i’m old -.-).

credit: 2NE1@YT

must say i’m not a big fan of this song. too…lady gaga-esque.

credit: kpopped18@YT

I was wondering so noobly why they’d call the album To Anyone and then i realized it sounds like 2-NE-1..hahaha. there is absolutely no limit to the epicness of my fangirl fails. just recently i went to prague and there were these ang moh girls (white people..well actually ‘ang moh’ means red ghosts but whatever) holding up paper with Lee Minho’s name scribbled on it (i’m not the only noob fangirl i guess) and they were practising how to say ‘oppa’. I was wondering what on earth was happening but didn’t wait around to see coz we had a really tight schedule. but then my friend told me Lee Minho was actually there in Prague at the same exact place I was and I didn’t know and i was like WHAT THE FISHESINTHEDEEPBLUESEA!!!!!…and there was so little competition. Guess it’s just not meant to be


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