100724 SHINee Comeback stage & SuJu Goodbye stage@ MusicCore

SHINee’s Comeback stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

First off, let me cry about Jonghyun, I STILL HATE HIS HAIR. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like his exposed back? I like his biceps though XD OK, now that I got that over with, everyone’s hair is looking better and better! Especially Key’s and Onew’s! I found the ending of Up & Down a tad bit messy here (I super love Key’s ‘Hey baby!’ though) and I somehow enjoyed yesterday’s perf more than today’s. Maybe the excitement from ytd died down. I like yesterday’s clothes more too, oh well there’s still Inkigayo! and I usually love Inkigayo perfs a lot:)

Suju’s Goodbye stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I liked their perfs but I’m kinda sad that it’s their Goodbye stage. As compared to last year’s goodbye stage, the group is smaller and I hope we’ll get to see a complete Suju soon! It will probably take a while though, with Kangin in the army, and Hangeng… and what about Kibum?? Is he coming back??



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2 responses to “100724 SHINee Comeback stage & SuJu Goodbye stage@ MusicCore

  1. Anna

    I feel super dumb asking this, but I’m confused about this “goodbye stage”. I know that some of the members of SuJu are leaving, but is SuJu going to DISBAND?

    • fanaholic

      hey! no worries, they are not disbanding:)

      Comeback stage is when a singer/group starts to promote for a new song/album etc and it’s their first time performing the song on the music shows (music bank, music core & inkigayo). After 2-3 months, promotion period will end and they will have a goodbye stage. So this just means that Suju has ended promotions for Bonamana & No other. They will have a comeback stage when they need to promote a new album, probably next year!

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