SHINee- Lucifer MV

credits: sment@yt

OMG!! It’s OUT! Back to edit later. Going to watch now. SPAZZING

Just watched it! Can I just say that Taemin looks AMAZING in this MV? He’s really growing up well 🙂 I like his hair the best XD I think Minho’s rap improved alot in the album and he actually looks better good with short hair. I like it more than his long hair in the previous albums. Definitely more masculine. I know there was a huge buzz surrounding Key’s hair when the teaser picture first came out and I was all ‘Eww what did they do to him’ but now, I think it fits the MV and the whole concept they are going for. It isn’t my favorite hairstyle of anything, but Key manages somehow to make it work. I like Onew when he’s wearing the white outfit, his eyeliner~ And now to Jonghyun… he’s my favorite member ever since HB, but I have to admit that I still need some time to get used to his hair. I know it isn’t the most dramatic or outrageous, but I don’t usually like this sort of spiky styles so yea it will take awhile.

About the dance, I’m not sure if it will be as popular as RDD, but it has potential and fun to watch. OMG I can’t wait to sing this at karaoke!

Ok, I’ve watched the MV about 5 times and counting ever since I started this post. It’s going to be my new obsession XD Can’t wait for comeback stage this FRIDAY on MusicBank. I was watching their older MVs few days ago and it’s obvious that they have all gotten more confident in this MV, and I’m so proud of them! SHINee Daebak!

Editing again… after watching more times, I’m in love with 3:06-3:08 cause I can see Jonghyun’s biceps ♥_♥ Maybe working out with Joon? That would explain his thank you message XD


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