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SHINee’s comeback news + teaser pics (Minho & Taemin)

I have been pretty excited for SHINee’s comeback, but I just found out that it’s going to be delayed 😦 Minho hurt himself while filming dream team 2. I remember last year the comeback was delayed as well because Onew fell down and hurt his teeth. Hopefully, this will not become a trend!

Anyway, here are some concept pictures to look at while Minho makes his recovery!

Source: Minho: asiae.co.kr + mrs.key@shineee.net/forums Taemin:VIpGIrLee + YesungIsMine@shineee.net/forums
credits: kpopolive.com


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100709 Super Junior- No Other @ Music Bank

credits: SuJuTV2@yt

They won!!!!

I have to say I really do love this song:) It’s a definite mood-lifter and can bring a smile to anyone’s face. I’m a little confused about this performance though, cause if I’m not mistaken, Siwon didn’t sing his part? or was it cut off??

I haven’t been following music bank or any music shows lately and have been lagging behind kpop and fandom updates. I miss it! The debuts of new groups, the excitement over comebacks, variety show madness, etc. I really do hope I can find the time to be a fangirl again. I miss all my fandoms so much!


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