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Super Junior – No Other 너같은사람 또 없어 MV & LIVE

credits: sment@yt

There is nothing WOWing in this video, but it brings a much needed smile to my face. It brought my mood up and reminds me of the Super Junior that I supported before Kpop turned ugly. There has been so much drama in Kpop recently and sometimes I wish that everything will be peaceful and cheery (like in this MV)

credits: luvdbsk5@yt

Everyone looks good and happy! Donghae sounds very good here. I love it.


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Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl

credits: vietznamese@yt

It’s been so long since fanaholic has last been updated that I’m no sure if there are still people reading. Life has been a bitch recently and it’s getting harder to keep up with Kpop, but I’m not ready to abandon kpop yet! So, I’ll try to keep this going for a while longer.

This is a new girl group by JYP. JYP’s group have been going through some troubles recently, and it’s nice to see some new faces. I haven’t learned much about them yet and will continue to watch them before I decide if I wanna support this new group.

This song is pretty catchy though, so I’m hoping they will make it big:)


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