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100730 SHINee @ Music Bank

Lucifer Performance

credits: romeo2juliette@yt

Better hair & clothes!!! Whee~ AND THEY WON NUMBER ONE!!! GO SHINEE!


credits: yootinaa@yt


credits: kechykahhh@yt


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100725 Inkigayo (Miss A, TaeYang, Narsha & Son Dambi)

I usually only watch performances of groups/singers that I am actively supporting but here are some songs that I think are awesome and deserve some mention!

Miss A- Bad Girl Good Girl

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I mentioned before that I like this song, and the group shows potential! Sadly I have yet to learn their names but I’m determined to do so!

Tae Yang- I need a girl (eng sub)

credits: sob2st08@yt

He won mutizen! Big Bang come back soon pls!!

Narsha- Bbi Ri Bba Bba

credits: KyuleeKPOP119

Love her! The song’s addictive and her clothes looks good on her! Her makeup looks uncomfortable to wear though…

Son DamBi- Queen

credits: CrazyCarrot350@yt

I think she is one of the prettiest female k-pop artiste with or without makeup. She looked good in Family outing with no or minimal makeup! Her songs are catchy too!


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100725 SHINee Comeback stage & Super Junior Goodbye stage @ Inkigayo

SHINee- Up & Down (Eng Sub)

credits: shineeloveholic + CrazyCarrot350

I love it when Taemin performs Up & Down, he’s always have a super cute smile! (0:45)

SHINee- Lucifer (Eng Sub)

credits: shineeloveholic + CrazyCarrot350

Inkigayo never disappoints! I love the color tones of their clothes and even though I am not in love with Jonghyun hair, he looks better here with his hair pinned back, not so lion-like as compared to the previous performances. AND OMG 2:53 just blew me away… those veins… just wow.

SHINee- Traffic Song

credits: icysn0w + CrazyCarrot350

Cute, but Minho ‘s missing 😦

SHINee- Interview

credits: TVXQSuJuSHINee4ever

A bonus for me because my latest K-pop eyecandy Jung Yonghwa from CN Blue who is a host of Inkigayo appears here! Whee~

Super Junior- No other & Bonamana

credits: CHOCOTRADEMARK3 + Crazycarrot350

Last goodbye stage for bonamana:( but great nonetheless and I think Heechul looks great here:)


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100724 SHINee Comeback stage & SuJu Goodbye stage@ MusicCore

SHINee’s Comeback stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

First off, let me cry about Jonghyun, I STILL HATE HIS HAIR. Also, am I the only one who doesn’t like his exposed back? I like his biceps though XD OK, now that I got that over with, everyone’s hair is looking better and better! Especially Key’s and Onew’s! I found the ending of Up & Down a tad bit messy here (I super love Key’s ‘Hey baby!’ though) and I somehow enjoyed yesterday’s perf more than today’s. Maybe the excitement from ytd died down. I like yesterday’s clothes more too, oh well there’s still Inkigayo! and I usually love Inkigayo perfs a lot:)

Suju’s Goodbye stage

credits: GarakHolic2@yt

I liked their perfs but I’m kinda sad that it’s their Goodbye stage. As compared to last year’s goodbye stage, the group is smaller and I hope we’ll get to see a complete Suju soon! It will probably take a while though, with Kangin in the army, and Hangeng… and what about Kibum?? Is he coming back??



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100723 SHINee Comeback stage & Super Junior Goodbye stage @ Music Bank

SHINee Comeback- Up & Down + Lucifer

credits: iibigbangfan@yt

Ok, I was really excited for their comeback and I enjoyed their comeback stage. Minho pls recover soon! I didn’t really like the style for Up & Down, I guess they were trying to go for the gangsta look. For Lucifer it was pretty much the same style as seen in the MV and I was LOLing at Minho making all those ‘looks of charisma’. I was wowing at the size of his arm during Up & Down though. It made me forget for a moment that he’s 2years younger than me (Yes I’m the typical noona fan that SHINee was initially marketed towards XD). I prefered Onew’s hair here than compared to the video, no more center parting! Taemin looks as good in both 🙂 but I think he stands out more in the MV than here.

For my top two: Key and Jonghyun, I preferred Key’s hair alot more than Jjong. Even though Key’s hair is more daring than Jjong, I think he can really work it. He’s just so full of confidence! I remember freaking out when I first saw Key’s teaser pic, but now the more I see him, the better he gets. Now, I feel really sad about what I am going to type next: Ever since the MV came out, I tried really really hard to like Jjong’s look cause he’s my favorite member but I can’t like it. I’m just not feeling his hair! I would prefer it if his forehead wasn’t so exposed! I really want to be all smiley and happy when the camera focuses on him but I just can’t! I hope he gets a better style soon!

Super Junior Goodbye Stage- Bonamana

credits: SuperAngelwithoutwin@yt

I love this perf! Everyone looks so happy and I think they had fun on stage:) I spied some EunHae at the start (0:11) too! AND you gotta love Ee teuk for congratulating SHINee on their comback at around 1:15. I haven’t been revising my Korean lately, but I think he said something along the lines of “Have you been waiting long? Congratulations on SHINee’s comeback, Fighting!” OH This is me being random but is Heechul not blond anymore or am I slow on this???

AND here’s a bonus!

credits: minhhoa310@yt

I have to admit when I saw Onew here, he reminded me of a character in One Piece… I’m sure if you have watched One Piece before, you will get what I mean XD I mean no harm here. I love SHINee & One Piece!


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[AD]Tohoshinki Lovers Forum Flower Project

This project is organised by Tohoshinki Lovers Forum

Here’s a teaser of what they are planning to do:

This is one of the series of project we’ve been doing to show our support for each of five members.

The purpose is to let them know we fans are on their side no matter what.

As JYJ unit was confimed to appear on a-nation, we decided to send a flower arrangement of their personal color made by “preserved” flowers along with message cards from us fans to each member.  (On this occasion, it’s going to be three members of JYJ.)

Please visit this link for further information:)

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[AD]TVXQ Sarang international singing contest

We are so late in posting this ad! Registration ends on 23rd July and contest starts on 26th July so hurry!!

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SHINee- Lucifer MV

credits: sment@yt

OMG!! It’s OUT! Back to edit later. Going to watch now. SPAZZING

Just watched it! Can I just say that Taemin looks AMAZING in this MV? He’s really growing up well 🙂 I like his hair the best XD I think Minho’s rap improved alot in the album and he actually looks better good with short hair. I like it more than his long hair in the previous albums. Definitely more masculine. I know there was a huge buzz surrounding Key’s hair when the teaser picture first came out and I was all ‘Eww what did they do to him’ but now, I think it fits the MV and the whole concept they are going for. It isn’t my favorite hairstyle of anything, but Key manages somehow to make it work. I like Onew when he’s wearing the white outfit, his eyeliner~ And now to Jonghyun… he’s my favorite member ever since HB, but I have to admit that I still need some time to get used to his hair. I know it isn’t the most dramatic or outrageous, but I don’t usually like this sort of spiky styles so yea it will take awhile.

About the dance, I’m not sure if it will be as popular as RDD, but it has potential and fun to watch. OMG I can’t wait to sing this at karaoke!

Ok, I’ve watched the MV about 5 times and counting ever since I started this post. It’s going to be my new obsession XD Can’t wait for comeback stage this FRIDAY on MusicBank. I was watching their older MVs few days ago and it’s obvious that they have all gotten more confident in this MV, and I’m so proud of them! SHINee Daebak!

Editing again… after watching more times, I’m in love with 3:06-3:08 cause I can see Jonghyun’s biceps ♥_♥ Maybe working out with Joon? That would explain his thank you message XD


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SHINee 2nd Album Lucifer

The album is out!!! I’m just doing a short review of it based on my first impressions~

1. Up & Down The beginning didn’t impress me but the song became really catchy with Key’s hey baby (I think it’s Key) and Jonghyun’s high ‘Ohs’ & ‘Knows’ (?) Currently one of my fav!

2. Lucifer What can I say? This song is really growing on me. I can see myself loving this almost or maybe as well as I love Ring Ding Dong. It’s catchy, addictive & fun to sing along too: Loverholic, robotronic, Loveholic, robotronic XD Reminds me of Elastic, fantastic…

3. Electric Heart Different from what they usually sing, but nice nonetheless. I like the breathy (is this even a word?) feel of it.

4. A-Yo I like this song. Catchy and easy to listen to:)

5. 욕(慾) (Obsession) Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for this song:) YAY I haven’t looked at the translation yet though, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice in the chorus:) I might be biased but who cares? This is one of my fav song in the album!

6. 화살 (Quasimodo) Sounds like a sad song and the boys passionate in this.

7. 악 (Shout Out) To be honest, it’s an ok song for me. Maybe it’s just the current mood I’m in, but I’m not really into the song that much. Who knows, I might grow to love this song soon.

8. WOWOWOW Cute and cheerful song. Catchy and fun, Nice!

9. Your name Onew the lyrics for this I think. Cheery and uplifting song.

10. Life It has a nice melody but it isn’t a distinctive song, I think. Maybe I have to go search for the lyrics to get a better feel of it.

11. Ready or Not Hmmm.. this song is ok, but I really do not like the Girlllll part. It ruined the song for me, the ready or not part redeemed it a little. Not a fav out of the album.

12. Love Pain Another of my fav song from the album. I love the melody and of course Jjong!

13. 사.계.후 (Love Still Goes On) Love this this:) Loving the beat of it!

I pretty much like most of the songs. Fun, catchy, sad, happy, dance, ballads, etc they have it all. Can’t wait for their MV! I heard it will be out tmr!!!



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SHINee- Lucifer Lyrics (Korean, Romanized & English)

Picture of Taemin cause I forgot to do a post for his birthday on July 18. He’s 17 internationally!!! Moving away from being jailbait for noonas XD

Click here for the lyrics


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