2PM Wallpapers – Without U & Coca Cola

someone requested newer 2PM wallpapers like way WAYYYY back but I hadn’t had the time or I got lazy..nyeheehee..somehow rather tough finding 2PM wallpapers and I wish my Photoshop skills were up to scratch…but still the ones I found I think are really good! 🙂

personal fav!:)

credit:~legendesign@deviantart + only1holy1@livejournal + Evergreen@showwallpaper + Coca-Cola



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5 responses to “2PM Wallpapers – Without U & Coca Cola

  1. meirav

    i love them very nice wallpaper
    u did a great good 🙂
    can i have one

    • fanaholic

      of course u can have them! dont hotlink though XD and we didnt make the wallpapers, we credited the ppl who did in the post:)

  2. mimi

    hey I LOVE you photos but i was wondering where’s Chansung’s Without U photo?

  3. mah delicious joker of B2ST JunHyung should be the sponsor of the coca cola, because it is like a drug for him XD always has a coke or two in hand

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