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2PM Wallpapers – Without U & Coca Cola

someone requested newer 2PM wallpapers like way WAYYYY back but I hadn’t had the time or I got lazy..nyeheehee..somehow rather tough finding 2PM wallpapers and I wish my Photoshop skills were up to scratch…but still the ones I found I think are really good! 🙂

personal fav!:)

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credits: acre210@yt

Everyone is looking good! better than their first MV! AND there’s guyliner, ok, I’m going to come out and say it: I don’t hate guyliners, in fact I think when done properly, it can help to increase the hotness factor^^ and I think it’s done well here, so yay:) Seungho’s image totally changed! He’s all dark and mysterious now and GO without his sunglasses! I think Thunder looks better here as compared to when he had the curly hair. Mir looks alot like hongki here, I always saw the semblance, but it’s especially strong here. and Joon’s cute but he looks pretty much the same. Ohhh.. there’s kissing scenes in the MV, but it isn’t anything too hot and heavy 😛

Anyway, enjoy the MV! I can’t figure the style of their pants! It’s weird, and reminds me of power rangers?!


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4Minute “Huh/Hit Your Heart” – Full MV

credit: AsianMusicVideoHD@YT



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Want to see BEAST/B2ST in Singapore? VOTE!

BEAST/B2ST will be doing overseas promotions and Universal Music Singapore is having a poll on Facebook to see if Singapore fans really do want to see Beast/B2ST. If you’re one of those fans, make sure to be heard here. One the number hits 3000, chances are BEAST fans in Singapore will get to meet them! Spread the word! 🙂

hehe I’m even posting this when Mystery came on while my Itunes is on shuffle. That’s a good start! 🙂

credit: UMS + Facebook + sookyeong



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4Minute Comeback Teaser Ft. B2ST

credit: iKpopVideoHQSeason4@YT

ohhhh looks like I have a new song on my ipod 🙂

full song:

Who’s Next Feat. B2st

credit: hispanicchick15@YT


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