Super Junior- Miinah (Bonamana) MV

OMG!!! EVERYONE IT’S HERE! Super Junior Comeback! AND it’s awesome~

I love love love how everyone looks here:) Especially donghae^^ muscles :p love heechul’s hair! I think it’s the right length for him. AND ET TEUK showing soo much skin! The whole concept of the MV is a bit like sorry sorry, all darkish and mysterious, and it’s so addicting. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dance! Donghae’s solo:) Ok, I’m getting totally getting biased. The past two weeks has been really stressful in school and seeing this MV made me find the lost fangirl in me and I’m gushing like crazy, even when I’m usually not a huge Suju fan. Can’t wait for their first performance on Friday! Music Bank! Finally I have reason to watch music bank again!!!

credits: sment@yt



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