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CN Blue – 사랑 빛 (Love light)

I like this song~ It’s a good easy to listen to and chill out song! Very relaxing! I would love to hear this at the beach while looking at the waves… Time to head over to bondi! I can’t believe I live in Sydney, yet I don’t go bondi as often as I should!

credits: kaboomzaYO@yt


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Super Junior’s new song- 미인아 (Miinah)

It’s out!!! What do you guys think? It’s definitely catchy and addictive but will it be as big as Sorry Sorry? I loved Sorry Sorry that moment I first heard, maybe this one needs a little more time? It’s still good though, though I can’t differentiate all their voices (I can totally hear Sungmin and Ryeowook!)! I need to go back and study Suju again. It’s been so long…

Can’t wait for the MV!!!

credits: XDDDD30@yt


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Big Bang – Eversense CF (Thailand)

Why can’t we get such CFs here???

credits: taijizero2@yt


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