FT Island is Flower rocking Japan!

Oh My… I haven’t been here in awhile! Sorry everyone, esp Taqiah! K-pop just isn’t that happening for me nowadays but I do still read up about what’s happening. Hopefully BigBang and SHINee have their comebacks soon^^

I’m actually a bit late for this…. FT Island’s Flower Rock PV!

credits: NuDunkin@yt

I don’t usually blog about these boys but I love them! They hold a special place in my heart after I saw them live last year. Haha I sound so corny~ I do wish Hongki will change his hair colour though. I love his blonde look but it’s been around for quite a few months already. It will probably backfire on me though, he might change it into something I hate 😛 This song is pretty different from their Korean songs and previous Japan song like Raining but it’s quite good in a J-rock way. I won’t say it J-pop though, for me J-pop will always be the Johnny Boys! XD

EVeryone looks good although I don’t agree too much with Hongki’s hair being trapped under his hat:( Omg! Minhwannie has long hair!!! I think it suits him:) Hongki’s english is so adorably fail! Sigh… miss them! I wanna see them again!


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