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Jay Park Foolin around/Bedrock (cover)

New video of Jay!

I have to say, I’m happy that he’s back. I’m glad he didn’t hide away forever or just disappear. At first I really wanted him to g back to 2PM cause he was the leader, but now, I think I’m glad it worked out this way. It’s good that he has people back home to support him and encourage him, and hopefully one day he will be free from those crazy netizens that are so full of hate.

credits: jayparkaom@yt

I miss seeing him on variety shows though!

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Super Junior comeback on 13th May

Saw this @ allkpop
Here’s something to look forward to! SuJu’s comeback. Although I’m not a SUPER HUGE Suju fan, I’m excited for them cause they are one of the bands I’m more familiar with in the face of all the new bands that I haven’t gotten around to really learn about yet.

Sadly it’s only with 1o members 😦 I didn’t know Kangin is going to the army so soon!!!!  October! OMG. I miss Hankyung too! and Kibum… honestly I don’t miss him that much cause he wasn’t around for Sorry Sorry! Why???? I wish he could at least record ONE song for this album.

Anyway it’s less than 10 days away! and it’s right after my finance assignment, which means I won’t feel guilty watching them^^


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FT Island is Flower rocking Japan!

Oh My… I haven’t been here in awhile! Sorry everyone, esp Taqiah! K-pop just isn’t that happening for me nowadays but I do still read up about what’s happening. Hopefully BigBang and SHINee have their comebacks soon^^

I’m actually a bit late for this…. FT Island’s Flower Rock PV!

credits: NuDunkin@yt

I don’t usually blog about these boys but I love them! They hold a special place in my heart after I saw them live last year. Haha I sound so corny~ I do wish Hongki will change his hair colour though. I love his blonde look but it’s been around for quite a few months already. It will probably backfire on me though, he might change it into something I hate 😛 This song is pretty different from their Korean songs and previous Japan song like Raining but it’s quite good in a J-rock way. I won’t say it J-pop though, for me J-pop will always be the Johnny Boys! XD

EVeryone looks good although I don’t agree too much with Hongki’s hair being trapped under his hat:( Omg! Minhwannie has long hair!!! I think it suits him:) Hongki’s english is so adorably fail! Sigh… miss them! I wanna see them again!


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