2PM’s Without U MV Full

credit: 2PM @YT

hmmmmm~~ took me a few listens to kinda get into the song.it’s the thump thump techno beat that makes it rather addictive (according to my french teacher it’s coz it sounds like a mother’s heartbeat so it’s naturally addictive)…

to me there were highs and lows to the song and a little something missing. though I must say it was refreshing to have nickhun rap and then i thought wooyoung really picked up the song during his turn…though i wish they would make taecyeon growl less coz i dunno, it’s getting rather corny in a gimmicky way instead of the supposed man-beast appeal.

and i wonder if jyp wrote the lyrics coz if he did…it feels like he’s really parading a big ego saying that (instead of the guys) he is going to be okay or his ‘creation’ is going to rise despite the chaos (that the fan’s created), to which i would roll my eyes coz a man his age should have much else to write about…? haha whatever i guess you never know with these scandals.

pardon my long ramble, i’m a soci major with exams around the corner, i tend to over-read 😀 teehee…

hope you guys have a better experience of the song though 🙂



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One response to “2PM’s Without U MV Full

  1. fanaholic

    oohh i found a link to the Don’t Stop Can’t Stop album: http://www.ihoneyjoo.com/albums/2pm-dont-stop-cant-stop-mini-album/

    interesting sound…definitely different..but personally it feels like a different 2PM I can’t decide if i personally like it or not

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