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2PM’s Comeback Single Teaser – Without U

credit: jikakalau@YT

love the piano but knowing jyp…their teasers are always…well, a tease. As in, although it sounds slownow the single is probably going to be really upbeat and danc-y..coz well they ARE a dance group i guys..heheh.

it would seem that i’m among the few that i know optimistic about 2PM moving on and JaeChunSu moving on. Is it really so bad that they’re moving on? Sure it won’t be the same, but as they say ‘the show must go on’. Something is better than nothing…?


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BEAST (B2ST) Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)

I have been loving this song ever since, I don’t know when it first came out in March? or Feb? Can’t rmb! It’s my current ringtone and I’m glad they have a MV for this!!

credit: AznSamManTV@yt


Sigh… I guess I should say something about the dbsk situation too. I admit I feel kinda betrayed cause I don’t know… they kept telling fans they didn’t wanna break up and always keep the faith and truthfully, the faith feels a little shaky right now.

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