Don’t Stop Can’t Stop 2PM’s Comeback Single

While I have 3 minutes left before I need to get back to mugging (T.T)…Might as well just give a heads up to the 2PM fans who are still waiting for their comeback regardless of the Jay saga. (Jay’s back anyway!:D)…

(added note: I just tried to go to their jyp site and apparently it’s laden with viruses…i guess the controversy is not really over is it? Well good luck to the boys still..regardless of all that controversy they do put on a good show and THAT is their job…the saga continues…)

Ahead of their comeback, a teaser photo to 2PM’s new album is released on 14th April on their teaser site and on Naver music site.

Known for their experimental concepts and acrobatic performances through their previous hits like ‘10 points out of 10′, ‘Again & Again’ and ‘Heartbeat’, the group has received much love from music fans all this while.

In the teaser photo revealed, the 2PM members were seen in a modern and chic image. A JYP rep revealed, “Through this single, 2PM will show a more matured side of them.”

The group is set for comeback on 22nd April.


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