Happy Birthday Choikang Changmin!

my no. 1 favourite idol. i remember doing his bdae wish on this blog last year and danggg it was a long one.

Looking at him now, what he’s been through with DBSK, I think the only thing we could wish for him is to find true happiness, whatever it means to him. And also strength, courage and willpower to face new challenges and that Changmin will always be Changmin coz Changmin is the best 😀

And God screw anyone who dares stand between him and his food. The man is already so thin! Please be healthy Changmin! 😀

and stay extremely irresistably cute 😀

shim changmin fighting!!!!! saranghae 🙂

credit: yamikazesora@YT

this fanvid-sorta is sooo funny, but contains some rather strong language. not recommended to easily upset individuals 🙂

credit: funland100@YT

this one i added coz it’s the best seeing them altogether right?

shim changmin fighting!

dbsk fighting!



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