It’s been a YEAR

Omo! I didn’t realise it has been a year, Taqiah and I were just talking about this yesterday and I went back to check and our first post was made on Feb 10, 2009!

I’ll just write my part first and when she sees this later, please add on Taq!

Firstly, one year ago I think I was basically both bored with life and crazy about K-pop and out of impulse created Fanaholic. It was supposed to be a small-scale blog, mostly for friends to just come together to enjoy kpop, but we got greedy and started to post more and more. With more support, readers and commentors, we grew happier and happier and wanted to get a good number of blog visits every day. That’s when we got a little too caught up in numbers. I remember the times when I would just stay home and wait for new pictures and updates to post. It was fun, chaotic and made me really, really tired. I believe both Taqiah and I got worn out both by all the not so pleasant things in Kpop (’09 was a disaster for us) and also by our own personal lives and decided to slow it down. We changed the contents of the blog deciding to focus more on certain things and less on others. There are many times that I wanted to give up blogging because it is extremely time-consuming, but everytime I check the blog stats and see that people still visit us even when we hardly update and also to all the wonderful commentors who encourage us, I just can’t give up on fanaholic and so here we are, still going strong. I really appreciate all the love and supports that our wonderful readers give us. It’s the BEST ever:)

My journey with kpop has been a rollercoaster ride and I’m still enjoying it. I’m not sure how long this will last, but as long as it does, I hope to share it with everyone through this blog.

We are thinking of maybe adding more writers to the blog so that we can be even more updated, but it’s different as it requires alot of commitment and some of our writers have sadly left us throughout the year. We understand it’s hard and takes up alot of time but I do hope that there are people out there that consider joining us. I might be posting up an official sign up soon and I hope we get applicants! For now, those that are interested, feel free to email us as!

I’ll be adding more to this page throughout the week! Expects pictures and videos:):):)

AND once again…

Thank you to all our readers!!! LOVE YOU GUYS ♥♥♥


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  1. fanaholic

    taqiah: when i think of the year that we’ve had doing this blog, for real i think ‘YAY fanaholic readers!’ because seriously if it wasn’t for the views and comments i wouldve just given up after the dbsk + jay fiasco. also sometimes i get really worked up about certain events in kpop and rather than flaming, when readers share opinions, im really appreciative 😀 and also thanks for coming to check on us even when we go for days or weeks without updating coz we both are getting increasingly involved in community projects or school stuff and hopefully we have better discipline in bringing you kpop goodies :)))

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