[Fan Project] UNDER OUR SKY: TVXQ! Globally

In Association With All TVXQ Fandom’s


Ok, it is not like they need world wide exposure because they are known world wide already.  But think of this opportunity as a boost to the word wide popularity they already have.

I know what you are all thinking, is this the right time to do a project like this?

Well my answer to your questions is: YES!

What would be a better time than now to have TVXQ see how they truly have touched the world and what they have created for themselves?  Of course they do know that they have fans outside of Asia but they do not fully understand just how many.  I don’t think any of us will understand how many O.o so with this said, this can be an experience for both the fans and TVXQ!

The object of this project is to get TVXQ on two shows that have a vast world wide audience.

How do we do this? We simply write letters!  The idea behind this is to get hundreds of thousands of TVXQ fans to team up and send requests to these two TV programs in hopes that they would do a show featuring TVXQ.  These can’t be just any ordinary letters though; remember. These have to be polite and persuasive letters that will make the producers of these two shows think long and hard about actually considering our idea.  If enough people request one constant thing, there is a high possibility that they will listen and air it.

At the bottom of this post there will be two links to Online forms in which you can fill out to send these particular requests.

Oprah’s forum only allows for 2000 characters which include spaces and punctuation.  This can be checked if you type your letter up in a program such as Microsoft Word first and then do a word count when you are finished (there is also a character count there as well).

So please keep it short sweet and to the point.

As for personal information, the only information that is mandatory is the stuff with the asterix (*) this little star, beside it.

So don’t worry about the rest of the information unless you are possibly interested in being on the show. Who knows you could possibly be selected to appear alongside TVXQ on the show.  Anything can happen!  Also, Oprah is going into the last season of her show so we need to get messages to her producers ASAP (As Soon As Possible)!

Now for CNN’s forum:  There are no restrictions of any kind that I have noticed thus far, but I don’t think producers want to read something that is eight pages long either. So please keep it at a reasonable length, polite, courteous and to the point, just like with Oprah. If you are kind then the likeliness of the producers taking the time to read and consider your letter will probably be a lot higher, which is good and what were looking for!  There is also a specific show within CNN that handles Asian stories “Talk Asia”. Possibly mention this in your idea too but you do not absolutely have too. As for filling out the form for those of you who don’t live in Canada or the US.  I have taken the liberty of underlining all of the fields that are mandatory since they aren’t marked so. And for those people who are not within Canada or the US there is a blank option that is the third option of the top.  Select that and you should be ok.

If you really want to, for this one, you can include your full contact info after you put in your story idea.

I think the producers would prefer the story ideas to be in English. But if you are not able to do this you could get someone to help you. If you are not able to get someone to help you translate, then I think it will be alright for you wrote your story idea in the language you are comfortable writing in.

You aren’t restricted to one message but keep in mind that you don’t want to spam either.  Maybe send a message once a week not any more frequently than that.  We don’t want to have it spammed and have producers throw the story idea aside. Also, maybe you can change it up a bit instead of copying and pasting it every time as well.  If you can’t think of anything to write then here are some main points you could (and probably should) include in your message: Project Name, why you love TVXQ, and why you think TVXQ should be on the show.

PLEASE write a thank you at the end to be courteous since they have taken the time to read and consider your idea.

I would also advise that you save you message in word or a word like program before trying to send it off just in case something doesn’t work, you don’t want to lose all your well thought-out words.

If at all possible we would like to have these story ideas out by the end of February and then just continue sending them all year long until TVXQ gets a feature on one of these shows!

Oprah: https://www.oprah.com/ord/plugform.jsp?plugId=216

CNN: http://edition.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form11b.html?2

Feel free to translate this into languages that best suit you. The more people that can understand this and take part the better chance we have of getting TVXQ on these shows!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me at: tvxqmyheart@live.ca


Credit: TVXQ 2 Canada + Polaris

Visit here for more info: http://tvxqglobally.wordpress.com/


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One response to “[Fan Project] UNDER OUR SKY: TVXQ! Globally

  1. Berta Jones

    I was wondering, would you ever have a person who knows fluent english to sing any of your songs and then you put them on any albums???

    Besides, i think you would like that that!

    Thank you!

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