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Nichan Horvejkul Buys Time

Credit: allkpop@YT

hmm apparently it’s not really Nichan singing? But anyways it’s rather surreal, at times I thought it was Nickhun haha. But I must say Nickhun is way cuter :p


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TVXQ Breakout Full MV

credit: tscchamie@YT

really great to see the guys back with a new MV as ambiguous an MV as it is. And did I hear – we keep the faith – sung by mickey?? hhahaha 😀 changmin is so skinny. eat boy eat! hoping for even better days for dbsk! 😀


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DBSK Breakout and 2PM Tik Tok

i stayed up all night waiting for Lost and Cris Angel comes on tv instead. and thus i learn only to rely on kpop. or not. whatever. NEW Teaser/Releases! YAY 😀

credit: TheGateHH@YT

credit: babochorom5@YT


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You’re Really A Beautiful Boy-DUH?

have been super busy lately and I really am grateful to people who still read our blog. in anycase, if you haven’t caught this…it’s so funny! and cute! and wooyoung shirtless! haha~

credit: mellowgreenleaf@YT

lol lol~~


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100108 F.Cuz 포커즈 (Focus) – 지기 Jiggy (Debut Stage) @ Music Bank & MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

It’s a pretty decent debut performance although I’m not crazy about the song yet. I have to start to learning their names soon! It’ll be easy cause there’s only 4 members 🙂

Their MV

credits: FCUZworld@yt

Their white fur thing reminds me of GD! Actually, the whole video reminds me of him! Is it just me??


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