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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Chp 9)

Truth and Dare


“I wonder if this is the right thing to do,” I said worriedly to my brother.

Ping nodded and drummed his fingers on his seat, a sign which meant that he was deep in thought.

“Sirs… I… I would like to thank…” the young lad stammered.

“Enough with the prattle! Can’t you see that we are busy? Count it as your blessing that you have us escorting you to the doctor,” I snapped.

The boy bowed and kept silent as he continued to massage his mother’s temples.

The thought of Prince Yunho on his own in an unfamiliar environment did not settle well with me at all. The maid would only be a liability as Prince Yunho would put her own safety before his if they ran into any trouble. The idea of the maid in a fight would have been laughable had the situation not been so dire. As it was, if the small, pretty girl actually knew any martial arts, I’ll change my name to Pong. A thousand and one ‘what if’s’ ran through my head, each situation ending with a hurt Prince Yunho.

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