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Random 2PM Wallpapers :)

Bonus Khun Wallpaper:

credits: as tagged +

will definitely search for more if i ever find the time:)


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SNSD Comes Back With ‘Oh!’

I don’t usually post girlgroup stuff but this song is so hypnotic…like Chu~ haha though I’m not one to enjoy girl aegyo for rather obvious reasons heh~

credit: sment@YT

I prefer this song of theirs though. REALLY nice 😀

credit: weheartkpop@YT


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Happy Birthday Jaejoong!

A day late but still much love to KIM JAEJOONG!!! 😀

Jaejoong has come to be a singer an entertainer I learnt to respect for his art and standing for his rights and that of his members. His delicate features are endearing and the care he takes for people he loves is admirable. Despite the difficulties he faces now, he stands tall and carries on. Here’s to a good year and many more ahead for the irreplaceable Jaejoong. Jaejoong Fighting! 🙂

credit: emotionalteaspoon22@YT

Keep Smiling JJ! 😀

Bonus Wallpapers. Credit as tagged

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Tell Ellen DeGeneres About DBSK!!!

OH MY WORD! YAY Cassies for going all out with this one, same goes for fans of other kpop acts. But you know me and my first love 🙂

It’s posted on the Ellen DeGeneres website that Ellen is looking to discover more great music from the international stage and of course, the best fans in the world – KPOP FANS! – are undoubtedly the best marketers of their respective kpop idols! I myself just left a post for DBSK. Wouldn’t it be a dream to see your fav kpop act on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show (Coz duh her shows are always awesome!)?

So Click here to tell Ellen DeGeneres about your fav international act now 🙂 The page is lagging prizes to guess who’s making the server so busy haha 😀



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WonderGirl’s Sunmi Leaves And Is Replaced By Trainee HaeRim

we don’t normally do WG news..but come on! they’re the WG!How could someone just get replaced??Oh my~~

source: + allkpop

JYP Entertainment has announced that Mimi from the Wonder Girls has decided to postpone her musical career to pursue an academic career.

Mimi, the rest of the Wonder Girls members, her family, and JYP Entertainment have collectively decided to postpone her musical career for the time being.

JYP Entertainment said, “Mimi had a truly memorable, once in a lifetime experience while living in the U.S. and touring over 50 cities. We support her decision to pursue an academic career at this time. We will also support Mimi if she chooses to return to singing after her academics are complete. In the meantime, she plans to frequent JYP facilities and continue her dance and vocal classes.”

Mimi will remain with the Wonder Girls in the U.S., continuing with any scheduled performances and activities until the end of February. As of March, she will return to Korea and prepare to focus on her studies. JYP has named 17 year old Lim as the newest member to the quintet. Lim has gone through extensive training at the JYP Academy for three years and is fluent in four languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese.


but in any case, i think the replacement looks promising

credit: jypsisters@YT

well~ good luck for sunmi in whatever she wants to do in life..and good luck to haerim living up to the WG standards 🙂


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2AM’s Back and They’ll Never Let Go

credit: bwmow5@YT

wow elaborate set much. awesomeeee song. has been on replay on my ipod since i first listened to the full song!

though it’s kinda creepy if someone doesn’t want to let go even if THEY die. like they’d be around? in non-hman form?? haha~ anyways, epic perf! 😀

credit: hottestblackjackvip@YT

the MV!


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[Fanfic] Deadly Vota — An Assassin Story (Chp 9)

Truth and Dare


“I wonder if this is the right thing to do,” I said worriedly to my brother.

Ping nodded and drummed his fingers on his seat, a sign which meant that he was deep in thought.

“Sirs… I… I would like to thank…” the young lad stammered.

“Enough with the prattle! Can’t you see that we are busy? Count it as your blessing that you have us escorting you to the doctor,” I snapped.

The boy bowed and kept silent as he continued to massage his mother’s temples.

The thought of Prince Yunho on his own in an unfamiliar environment did not settle well with me at all. The maid would only be a liability as Prince Yunho would put her own safety before his if they ran into any trouble. The idea of the maid in a fight would have been laughable had the situation not been so dire. As it was, if the small, pretty girl actually knew any martial arts, I’ll change my name to Pong. A thousand and one ‘what if’s’ ran through my head, each situation ending with a hurt Prince Yunho.

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2PM & Shinee Goodbye Stage On Music Bank

credit: yootinaa@YT

credit: twoonedaystream@YT

credit: chriscorpius6@YT

i’m already ecstatic about 2pm’s next slated album release in april. would be a nice end of sem present teehee~ I think Tired of Waiting is really tough to sing live coz it’s real fast and has alotta autotune…but from their earlier perfs of this song esp around the time of the end of year awards perfs I think they’ve come to sing it pretty well :D…here’s hoping the next 2PM comeback will be back to 7 😀


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Happy Birthday 2PM’s Junsu!

credit: vyletta6@YT

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO 2PM’s resident DIVAAAAA~ hahaha…those hand gestures while singing..aigoooo~

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Khun, Taec & Yoon Eunhye in Cass Beer Advert


if you had to choose between Khun and Taec, who’d win for you? Hahah it’s so biased that Khun always wins in these adverts haha. Team Taec! XD


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