Happy Birthday Taecyeon!

omo!how could I have forgotten (almost)?! Today is Taecyeon’s birthday! 😀 YAY Happy Bdae to OkCat the original Beast Idol. May he and 2PM be ever prosperous and successful in the New Year and for many more years to come. Taecyeon FIGHTING!

Not often we hear him sing. While he probably raps better, his voice is still somewhat endearing and not to mention sexayyee 😀

credit: 2PMLove@YT



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2 responses to “Happy Birthday Taecyeon!

  1. anisajsejoong

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    • fanaholic

      taqiah: hi anisa..sorry for the late reply..we’ve been rather busy lately. i’ll ask denise to help with coz i’m only good with the posts. sorry haha -_-“

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