[TRANS]Big Bang’s Seungri birthday message to fans

Now today Big Bang’s Seungri recent birthday photo is here
Our beautiful VIPfan people
The love from all of your hearts towards my birthday,
was so great that I’ve actually been celebrating my birthday 1 week before my actual birthday.
I have a smile from ear to ear
2009 is already ending
Now in 2010 what do we have to do?
We will run (meaning they’ll run
hard towards their goals, accomplish them)
With today’s start of my birthday
Let’s once again light our fire (VIP torch)
Today it’s my birthday, but since the people that made the Seungri of today, are you,
Well today you are the most important (person of the day).
Now let’s all party happily, whether online or offline.
And lets prepare ourt hearts,
2010 is waiting for us
Nobody knows what will happen
Curious, right?^^
(cutely)I’m not going to tell
It’s a secret……
But still look forward to it……
It’s going to be a jackpot^^ (as in great, awesome, epic)
Bye!!! Thank you for the birthday congratulations to Seungri!!!
I would like to share my happiness with many people!!!
I love you ♡ ( 알랍=Ahl lup, basically slang form of ‘I Love You’)

Credits :

Translations: alee @ ibigbang.wordpress.com


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