091213 Inkigayo Perfs (2PM, TaeYang, SHINee, f(x), After School, MBLAQ, BEAST, U-Kiss, JYP, 2NE1’s CL & Minzy)

credits: TheTerracottaTube @yt
2PM Heartbeat & winning Mutizen

credits: losingcontrool@yt
Tae Yang – Wedding Dress

SHINee – JoJo

f(x) – Chu~

I was contemplating whether or not to include this, for reasons some of you might know, but this song is HOT in Korea right now and it is rather catchy so…
After school – Because of you

credits: JungYuRi1@yt

credits: popkisssicle@yt

credits: Msjoanne93@yt
My favorite song at the moment:) U-Kiss’s Man Man Ha Ni

credits: AMFandre@yt
JYP – No Love No More

credits: HeroLove21@yt
2NE1 CL & Minzy (민지) – Please Don’t Go


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