[ENG SUB] MBLAQ – Art of Seduction Ep3 & 4

credits: abmsubs@yt

Part 2||Part 3

Part 1
Once again, it continues from where it left off in the last episode, with Mir having to complete his mission. The mission is a failure and he ends up chasing a girl all over. I realise from watching AOS and the episode of Miracle when they were guests, that Mir has the tendency to shout at his hyungs when he’s exasperated XD Back in the bus, it’s time for talent show and Joon’s rap is so random and priceless! He forgot Chun Doong’s name???

Oh yes, remember in episode one where all the members look so cool, Seungho getting out of the car etc, well, it turns out that they are actually not the cool owners but workers! They showed Seungho being a driver in Ep2 and now GO is the butler!

They managed to visit Lee WeSu who I think is a writer, and he gives them some valuable advice over lunch:)

Part 2
Mir and Chun Doong both succeeded in meeting their celebrities. With the help of his sister, Mir manages to meet the ‘Champion’ lead actress Chae Minseo and he’s so shy, it’s adorable! Especially when he danced a bit of Rainism and was so embarrassed. I like seeing him with his sister:) He’s so cute!
Chun Doong’s managed to meet Jung Juri who I think is a comedian. I remember seeing her in other shows before and she’s really funny. She gets so happy when she found out that Chun Doong specially came to meet her XD

Part 3
Poor Mir! He has to do a confession of love in public XD and Chun Doong! hahaha maybe he didn’t expect Jung Juri to be like this^^ I suddenly remembered, isn’t she the idol killer or something similar in Star Golden Bell?!

I know I posted Ep4 videos up yesterday, but I’ll post them here too with the recaps:)

Part 2|| Part 3

Part 1
The mischievous leader Seungho and Joon sneaks out to a cemetery in Anyang to eat what they claimed to be the best noodles. Chun Doong is scared of seeing a ghost there but is dragged along by his two hyungs XD On the other hand, GO and Mir decides to go on the safe route and heads to a PC cafe to check out their fan cafe and to reply fans:) When they get more popular, I don’t think they will have the time to reply so often. Mir checks out a photo of himself and I’m wondering what it feels like to see a picture of yourself uploaded by fans^^

Part 2

Omg this is too funny! The noodle shop in Anyang is not there! and they censored Seungho’s nipple XD Sad and hungry, they head over to Seungho’s house to eat and we get to see his room and pictures of him when he was young^^ After filling their stomach, they start to feel regret over their actions, saying that they will be so dead once the show is aired.

They have a magazine photo shoot and love the clothes that they got to model in and tried to get their Cordi to get them a sponsorship. She refuses saying that it will be impossible as they only just debuted. They refuse to back down and make a bet with her that if they get the sponsorship themselves, she would have to shave her head! They attempt to contact Jeon Yun Gi, a popular fashion stylist after getting his number from a reporter. Will they succeed??

Part 3
Whee~~ They got a meeting with the stylist but all good things come to those who have patience, so they have to wait in the waiting room first until he finishes his live show. I hope one day, they will become as popular as bands like Big Bang and DBSK who are being offered CFs and sponsorships all the time. I’ll sure with hard work and determination, they will reach that soon:)



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