[INFO] 091207 Who made anchovy lost?

As we know Eunhyukie lost his anchovy on Cyworld and he want to take it back (but as he write on cyworld the new one was created). Now on thai webboard(siam zone) found the evidence that why it was lost.

Let’s see on the clip since minute 5.21 and observe with the anchovy

Take the time? Let’s see on picture ^^
I didn’t capture & edit these pictures. Please see credit on the end. I only translated to English.

Where is anchovy?
Drop near the stage, Fan take it back ,
But Eunhyuk was not interested because he didn’t see it.


He is still not interested.



Shindong took anchovy back.



Shindong wore anchovy on his head. The owner is still not interested.


Few minutes later, it was lost on shindong’s head. Nobody was interested it. T^T
Especially, _ the owner of anchovy – –


Why it lost again? kikiki The person who made it lost again is “Wookie!!!”
Let’s see on this picture

So Eunhyukie , you didn’t lost it by yourself . hahaha
Here is all of evidence that Thai Elf find for you . ^^

Credit : http://www.siamzone.com/board/view.php?sid=1314984
Take from : ‘SHALL,WE.WINE’ , “83Line”_Loveๆ>< @ siamzone
Re-Writed entry & English Translated & Re-Upload by yukahyuk @ yukahyuk.exteen.com

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