This is dedicated to my Fanaholic co-creator: Taqiah, who has helped me and the blog in MANY MANY ways. We shared so many fangirling memories and stories together. Finding new bands to be obsess with and to spazz about. The many hours spent searching for DBSK stuff and talking endlessly about 2PM, Yoochun and Changmin. Studying Korean together as well as complaning about the craziness of the K-pop world.

I acn’t imagine my fangirling without you and I can’t imagine Fanaholic without you! It has been tough, keeping this blog going especially when we are constantly in need of more manpower. We made it so far!

And now……… some videos for u!

credits: iamkimsora2@yt

credits: ShAdOwPuPpEt4eva@yt

credits: sweetbait@yt

heehee see you soon!!! like next week:)

*ps: Sorry it’s nearly two hours late!


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